Support Africa's Bio-diversities, Let's Recycle

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Support Africa's Bio-diversities, Let's Recycle


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Hello, Africa need RECYCLING to conserve it most adorned Bio- diversities. Support the movement to combat plastic polluttion to save Africa


Africa is immensely rich in biodiversity. Its living organisms comprise around a quarter of global Bio-diversities and it supports the earth’s largest intact assemblages of large mammals, which roam freely in many countries.

This seemingly stable eco-system is under severe threat from ever growing plastic polluttion. Lakes, rivers and coastal areas are the most hit as most plastic Waste from drainages ends up there.

The continent marine lives is currently struggling to survive with more than 80% of recorded death of marine organisms being associated to plastic pollution. Population of Turtles that are native to most African rivers and seas have decreased considerably over the years and the rise in mortality of these adorned species is increasing daily. 90% of dead turtles whose stomach was cut open to ascertain their causes of death have considerable accumulation of plastic in their stomach.

Closely related to this is the sharp decline in the population of fish in most rivers as witnessed by coastal dwellers whose main occupation is fishing along the coast line. Sea beds  has now been covered with plastic waste, disrupting the fish food circle and harming the long standing coral Majesty of African seas

Unfortunately, recycling as a process of reproducing an item for re- use is not a popular occupation in Africa, main reason why African space is being consumed by waste plastic every day. Plastic accumulation in Africa is getting to it's peak and if not checked, will ruin what ever is left of the continent's eco system disrupting natural Bio-diversities, ecological stability and terminating marine lives on which more than a quarter of the population depend for their sustenance. 

Poor waste disposal program and little concern on recycling, shows inherent failure of Government policies on environment.

To check this ugly trend, we have decided to fight back  by way of plastic Recycling, preventing waste plastic from the upland from getting into our seas. By this, we intended to stop the pollution before it even happen

Our "trash for cash" campaign will employs the services of local scavengers who will be on the street collecting waste plastic for recycling purposes. 


We have constructed the main bowl for the processing of waste plastic and and outer space for the collection and sorting of waste plastic.

We have locally fabricated plastic grinding machine and other small accessories needed in plastic recycling, our main Target now is to acquire heavy duty machines, like the plastic Dana machine, plastic tank molding, generators and electric transformer. We are also in need of initial starting funds for the payment for the supply of waste plastic to our recycling sites.


With your support and donations  we hope to transform our mission statement  into visible reality, and with your support we hope to propagate recycling as an occupation worthy of emulating in this region. 

We have plan to raise €72,000 for the purchase of equipment, payment of hired workers and also pay for the waste plastic to be  supplied by local scavengers within the circle of our "Cash for Trash" program

Together we shall save the Marine lives in our Oceans and together we shall make Africa's marine Bio- diversities strive again. .

Thank you so much as you donate.

Lauwali Muhammad Liman



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