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100DaysOfNoCode - Making Tech More Diverse


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Started on 13th July 2020 London, England, United Kingdom

We are raising funds to digitally upskill underrepresented groups in tech

The Problem - Lack of Diversity in Tech

Only 0.3% of the worlds population can code. This is because it’s time consuming, expensive and an increasingly hard skill to develop. This makes learning to code inaccessible and is why a huge diversity gap exists in tech. For example, 80% of the websites and apps we use in our everyday lives are made by men, 70% of whom are white, leaving women and BAME communities severely underrepresented and unheard in this space.

Why does this matter? 

Inaccessible careers into software development and tech more broadly


You can’t be who you can’t see. Regardless of the time and money resources you need to learn how to code, the fact that white, male, well educated and young groups make up the majority of tech, is self reinforcing. Lack of female role models is a  signal to women that a career in tech isn’t for them and plays into why only 3% of females say a career in tech is their first choice, as they don’t believe it’s a choice in the first place! 

Lack of diversity in tech can have life changing and threatening consequences


The fact that women and BAME communities make up a tiny minority of tech, means that their ideas, life experiences and backgrounds aren’t involved in the development of tech. For example, the omission of black and ethnic minority groups in tech, has led to the inability of facial recognition technology to recognise darker skin tones. Furthermore, Dyson hand dryers did not recognise hands that were non-white when they were first released.

What is 100DaysOfNoCode doing about it? 


We help underrepresented groups in tech learn how to create websites, apps and software without code. How? Our accessible online learning community puts the power of programming and code into the hands of those previously unable to access it, by: 

  • Running digital workshops
  • Hosting inspiring Q&A’s with experts
  • Sending out regular newsletters packed full of curated content 
  • Holding 1-1 personalised support sessions
  • Creating net savings for our members by providing discounts to all digital learning tools
  • Providing real world projects from social enterprises for applied learning


What impact have we made so far? 


“I have tried to code before but never had the time or money to, yet since starting 100DaysOfNoCode, I have already been able to build a website for my business” - Denisha

We’ve only been up and running since March and have already helped...

  • 4 members of our community gain freelance no-code work or start their own businesses since joining 100DaysOfNoCode
  • 3 members gain part to full time no-code work, after Covid induced unemployment, since starting 100DaysOfNoCode
  • 15 Covid or Black Lives Matter (BLM) response related no-code projects be created as part of 100DaysOfNoCode

Why we need your help? 

We want to reach more underrepresented groups in tech, so we can continue to improve diversity in the space. To do this, we need funding for: 

Tech infrastructure - to increase our capacity for more members 

Content creation - to pay for a freelance content creator to increase the quality of the digital education we provide

  • A £30 pound donation will train 5 more people 
  • A £60 pound donation will train 10 more people 
  • A £100 pound donation will train 22 people
  • A £200 pound donation will train 50 people 
  • A £500 pound donation will train 125 people

The 100DaysOfNoCode team can't thank you enough for your support!


Any support you can give, is hugely appreciated and will go along way to ensuring that tech is accessible for all. 

To follow the impact we make, you can follow us on Twitter here!

NB: A 4.75% levy will be applied to donations, to help cover TFN/Year Here's costs of supporting venture fundraising and administering the funding.


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This is so needed! Keep going!

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