Tableting dietary supplements of your own design

Tableting dietary supplements of your own design

This project is for finishing the refurbishment of the used tableting press and starting tableting services for individuals.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 My goal is to create a small scale tableting service for individuals wanting to get their supplements tableted.

Tableting is a process of compressing substances in order to receive a repeateble dose and form of a tablet easy to administer and handle.

Unlike capsules, tablets can be prepared with better accuracy, smaller dimensions and lower use of excipients.

I bought an old Kilian K0 single punch tablet press some time ago and I started refurbishing it.

This is how it looked when I bought it:

It was abused at Pharmacy School, sentenced for scraping. I saw it at the junkyard and bought it out.

I then started working on it:

It was disassembled, sandblasted, repainted and adjusted:

All the refurbishment works are done.

I just need to mount it on a special table and install a flywheel.

What was left to be done is buying an appropriate motor, organise a frequency controller for speed adjustment.

The most difficult things to be done are creating dies and punches, which where lost or stolen.

I already have a specialist who is willing to finish those works as I am not skilled in turning dies or punches.

The amount I am trying to gather will be suficient for finishing all the works and organise for rewards.

If this project will not be funded I will finish it anyway, but it will take much more time and the services would be more expensive afterwards.

I am offering tableting the suplements of your own design. You can choose all the excipients yourself. I can give you some advice of what would and would not work during the process of tableting. 

You can send herbs, salts, all sorts of dietary suplements.

As I am a qualified chemist I check your material for medicines, drugs or illegal substances and if I find that I will report it to the Police so please do not expect that I will assist you in tableting that.

I can offer coating as well as I do have ready to use coating pans. 

All services are being done in appropriate laboratory conditions.

For now I can only offer round tableting 5mm to 15mm in diameter. Effervescent tablets are also available.

Any amount will be considered. This service is being created to answer the needs of any individual struggling with difficulties in finding supplements appropriate for their needs.

Ask questions, I will try to answer them all to the best of my abilities.

Thanks for the interest in this project.