Aln Valley Railway - Summer Fair Folding Tables

Aln Valley Railway - Summer Fair Folding Tables

The Aln Valley Railway hosts a summer fair for Northumbrian crafts yearly. BUT, we have few tables. This project aims to purchase 14 more

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Help Us Buy 14 New Folding Tables to Host Our Annual Fairs!

At the Aln Valley Railway, we've come a long way since we started rebuilding the railway and our headquarters at Lionheart in Alnwick, Northumberland. We've still got a long way to go and to go the distance, we have to ask you all, the general public and supporters worldwide for help.

We raise money at the railway through various means - it's a cash intensive activity as you can probably guess - but one of the ways we do it is by holding a summer fair, and model railway event.

This gets the local community and businesses involved in our work - it builds partnerships and relationships, and spreads the goodwill far and wide. But we have a problem - we have almost no folding tables (or otherwise) to put out for local crafts and business people to use and borrowing these large items is difficult at short notice.

This problem is easily sorted. We've identified good quality folding tables, Made-in-England from Gopak and we want to buy 14 of them with 2 trolleys on wheels which will hold 7 each. Makes it easier for all us volunteers to get these things transported round the site. We might have muscles of steel from lifting loco parts and sleepers, but try finding enthusiasm for moving 14-odd tables round site by hand after a day long event!

All monies raised will go to buy Gopak tables. If there is any surplus, it will all be ploughed into purchasing craft tables for running children's activities. We're community focused and this project is locked into that aspect of our work.