T2 Diabetes Programme

To support people in Derby with Type 2 Diabetes to improve their knowledge, skills, health and quality of life.

We did it!

On 1st Sep 2017 we successfully raised £40 with 2 supporters in 56 days

We have created a Type 2 Diabetes programme.

Our last client Tom Cook, a local businessman had the condition for eleven years. He had to take insulin tablets and two injections every day and his blood glucose levels were still too high.  Severely overweight and feeling hopeless, he turned to our programme.

Without the programme his health could have deteriorated and lead to amputation, blindness, kidney failure or death from a heart attack/stroke.

Combining thirty five years of health research with personal face to face Coaching, our programme can be a solution for this horrendous disease.  

Together we can give people, in our local community, a second chance at life.

Tom was shocked to see normal blood glucose levels on his home monitor after years of high readings.  He also checked his weight and was pleasantly surprised at the weight loss.  Tom now follows a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise and is looking forward to an enjoyable retirement - (watch his video).

T2 Diabetes Programme: A twelve week programme including one to one meetings for personal coaching, food/exercise guidance and telephone support.

Thank you from the team at Wellbeing Works.

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