T-Shirt Brand launch

T-Shirt Brand launch

To kickstart my fashion label with the 1st line of t-shirts. 4 x different designs printed on both male and female high quality t-shirts.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Street Dark Love - "Within the attitude of the streets, the gothic darkness finds its love". 

Creating clothing that has a message within the design.

Street = all things urban, street, graffiti, skateboarding, freestyling

Dark = Gothic and surreal art

Love = We all need a bit of love don't we..

Street Dark Love combines to create a design that encompasses all these elements, bringing a message onto a t-shirt.

No Political, Religious, or any other controversial messages with the designs.

I am looking at launching 4 x designs at the start and distributing the merchandise through my own online store via Shopify, as well as working with other 3rd party online stores. I will also be selling the t-shirts at markets in the London area. I design all the t-shirts myself and use original concepts and ideas.