I have built a T Rex to use at kids parties its heavier than i wanted it to be so cant carry it so need wheels to move it around.

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Project aim

I have built a walking T Rex to use at kids parties its heavier than i wanted it to be so cant carry it around on my shoulders.

I would like to mount the T-Rex onto a mobility wheel chair.

Its going to look amazing as the T Rex has legs with claws and moving hand claws with sound effects and is a massive 8ft long and 3ft wide.

Willing to come to sports days or event days / birthday parties in exchange for funds.

About the project

I work as IRONMAN for kids parties at the moment.

This suit i made partly from Foam about 4 months ago.

The T REX build came about as i wanted a suit that would amaze people and the kids so it had to be a bigger project than the IRONMAN suit.

Started the T REX Build on my kitchen table.

As you can see she is massive and its taken me three months to get to this stage.

You climb into the the base and strap into the clip in straps to keep it on your back.

However its to heavy to carry so a friend suggested mounting it on a mobility motorised chair.


I thought what a great idea.

But on checking on costs for a good one they are not cheap.

Not wanting to leave and walk away from a good project and leave the T Rex on the floor of my garrage ill need funding to complete this project.



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