SynMedia: Creative Media Studio in Sudan

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It is a creative studio for producing media content, photography, filming and animations to deliver messages that make a positive community.

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Hello there, I’m Hajj!

My mates and I are founding SynMedia®, a creative studio for producing media content in Sudan, as well as photography, filming and animations that delivers valuable messages and offers an inspiring window/portal to serve in making the positive impact in community.

“Knock, knock, knock!!”, “Who is it”? :')

We are a group of dreamy mates, the love of photography, content making and knowledge sharing brought us together in one passion. We always got an ultimate desire to learn and teach new things. Maybe you have faced this same barrier of limitations before, which strays you away from your dreams (so sad, right?). 

Many people face such obstacles showed in the scarcity of logistics and informative support and especially the huge absence of proper windows/portals shared with the world to show valuable contents, share the creativity and inspire other hearts and minds. 

We appreciate the community of this website which avers that humanity is still living among us. We admire the contributions been drawn on by those benevolent people, who display a bright picture of hope.


What’s SynMedia®? 

SynMedia is a creative portal (environment) and a professional studio for: 

-Producing media content that delivers the most valuable messages. 

-Offering an inspiring window to serve in making the positive impact in community. 

-Helping those who face the deficiency in expressing bright ideas and works. 

-Raising the awareness in people and sharing good life habits.

What SynMedia® will be making? 

- Media production 

- Photography 

- Videography 

- Animation

Why was SynMedia created anyway? What's the case? 

We know humans are supreme beings. But despite this feeling of being in full control of decisions, yet we are not the one in charge. Well, we are just unfamiliar with this. There is a friendly enemy (can be considered as a friend too) and a vulnerable part of us called the “subconscious mind”: the real master of illusions and pre-judges, zombie-mode administrator. It learns by itself from repeated experiments/habits and ruling concepts of the environment. Hopefully, it's still manageable and wire-able in the long-term. 

So, we are just a bunch of manipulatable species where the media feeds off this ever-growing trait that lies within us. It is quite clear to all of us that the mass media has become an essential part of everyone’s life, one of the most dominant and effective portals of communication. It affects us in so many ways both consciously and otherwise; Increasing rates of violence and immoral habits as 'cool' or 'mature' especially to young audiences, shattering self-image of what beauty and health are, the excessive obsession with look… etc. 

Rebirth of a new hope… SynMedia… 

Rather than seeing media as a negative influence to rein in, we’re understanding its potential to spread goodness on a wide scale. Studies have illustrated how, just as some films, TV shows, and other media can look at the flip side: the positive effects media can have when it’s more uplifting and inspiring. It can play a constructive role in today’s society, from increasing public awareness to collecting views, information, and the attitude of the people towards a certain issue. Media can promote the right things to give a strong message to world, which will make a great impact on peoples’ lifestyles and culture. Such things place on the shoulders liability to raise the quality of media content to enlighten the conscious of respondents and motives the good in them. …SynMedia was founded that very purpose then. 

How SynMedia® will strongly impact the community? 

SynMedia will pursue to make media content with positive images and messages that motivate to become a better person and do good things for others and it'll elicit “elevation,” the warm, uplifting feelings and show what performs deep moral acts, such as acts of gratitude, generosity, and loyalty. It'll also depict altruistic values, like social justice and care for the weak. 

SynMedia will introduce the society to creative outlets that change perspectives and push to do more than what we all limit ourselves to do. 


You know you CAN always help, right? 

You can donate $10 or up to $500!! 

In addition to that, please share the link of SynMedia on Facebook, Twitter Google+ or even email. 

Tell your friends, family and everyone! Help us grow!

We can learn a lot from your directions!

Please tell us what we've missed by taking this (~2 mins) survey:


Never underestimate the power of your support!! 

It can make a lot! 

Where your support is going to? 

-Place (Rent) -Renovation 

-Basic Equipment (Cams, Lighting, Mics, Headphones, PCs, Recording Systems, Accessories…etc.) 

-Training & Informational Resources 

-Content Making Expenses 

-Miscellaneous Expenses


“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well” 

– Voltaire 


Creating to Inspire...

We want YOU to make the change! 

With your support we can be the spark, we can be the light! 

Help us make SynMedia alive! 


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