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Synergy Dance

Synergy Dance® is a mixed dance fitness program for boys and girls (infants, juniors and teens) in schools and leisure centres.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £100 with 1 supporter in 97 days

Our purpose is to reach those children and young people who may be less suited to team sports and prefer a dance option to keep fit – both in mainstream and disability sectors. We want to keep the next generation healthy.

We have developed an outreach program for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) & disabilities in our mission, to be wholly inclusive. 

We have many case studies and stories to share where children and young people have gained confidence, fitness and new friends through our program. 

Working together and supporting each other in class through improvisation, creativity, dance games and patience in forming routines leads to each child’s personal best and a climate where they can strive for excellence.”

With obesity on the rise - we need maximum exposure for our inclusive dance program.

Read more about our initiative here via the FitPro Newsletter:  LET'S GET KIDS DANCING!

What do we do?

*We provide inclusive, creative, fun and effective mixed dance classes.

*We supply schools, clubs and leisure centres with:

*Dance classes, after school clubs, holiday courses, themed workshops and themed dance parties for infants, juniors and teens.

*Outreach program for SEN and children with disabilities

*Off peak sessions for Home Educated children.


What is the Synergy Dance program? 

We offer a taste of many different dance styles, from Break Dance and Street to Disco and Cheer leading, inspired by the aim to synergise the many different dance forms; a unique and ground breaking effect.

The main styles at Synergy Dance® are Street, Break Dance, Jazz, Synergy® Football anthems™, Ballroom & Latin routines, Dance Acrobatics, Cheer Leading and Disco. We also theme our routines to keep in touch with trends. Our program content and music is regularly updated. Our company signature is to offer a taste of different dance styles in one class, with a mix of dance games and fitness drills to keep children engaged. We also run single genre classes such as "all boys Break Dance classes" or "Street" or "Cheer leading" to adapt to our client's needs.

Our Franchise is going National, following our success in the South East.

 The Benefits

* Our inclusive, high-energy classes are suitable for boys and girls of all levels and abilities. Classes enable children to keep fit and active, whilst releasing energy and stress. Children can learn many dance styles, and the history of those, as well as learning how to break down steps; from 'base step' to performance. The classes are also a great way to make new friends and learn social skills, such as respect and turn-taking. We build self-confidence, creativity and knowledge and our classes contribute towards a healthy and happy lifestyle.

* Impro-Dance™ (freestyle, participant-led sections), dance games and flexible teaching styles enhance the learning and dance experience for every group, improving memory, creative skills, coordination and musicality.

 * Our Brain Breaks™ sesssions  (of 5-15 mins duration) before school also stimulate learning and activity levels, for in house curriculum classes and after school clubs.

* With children's busy lives, our classes are designed not to be competitive, rather they are supportive, fun, challenging and exciting to all who attend. 

* Some children may find it difficult to engage in group activities. Synergy instructors are experienced in using activities which will attract the children into the group, so that taking part becomes a fun experience. This is done in close collaboration with the staff at each school or with parents, for classes in leisure time. 

* Our flexible teaching styles allow for children to be observed as individuals so that language and teaching style has a good effect on all students. Working together and supporting each other in class through improvisation, creativity, dance games and patience in forming routines, leads to each child’s personal best and a climate where they can strive for excellence.

*With encouragement and support to be physically creative, many young teens with low self-esteem develop the courage to move through rhythm, become eager to perform and discover something new about themselves. New friendships are made and both teacher and students benefit from the journey of learning new skills.

*With the idea of teamwork and group choreography, students learn to become team players. Often personal attitudes take a back seat for the good of the group. 

 You can view our program which is listed on the Exercise Move Dance website:  

Take a peek at one of our themed school workshops at Guildford Grove for Healthy Living week here:

 Why do we need Synergy?

 * Obesity is on the rise and many children and young people are not getting their recommended one hour of activity every day.

With more than one in four of us doing fewer than 30 minutes of physical activity a week and one in six deaths reportedly caused by inactivity

Sporting participation figures among the youth were reported as being incredibly low in the government’s latest sporting strategy (December 2015), Sporting Future. According to the strategy, only 9% of under-fives met the UK chief medical officer’s guidelines for being active for three hours a day and less than a quarter of under-11s are active for an hour a day.  

*Not all children like team sports and prefer a dance option to keep fit that is for boys and girls

You may be concerned that your child is not getting enough exercise in their school or leisure time. Or you may be finding it hard to find a class suitable for:

*your boy who is keen to dance and doesn’t like football

*your child who has Special Needs but is struggling to find the right class

*your child who hasn’t taken to mainstream ballet and tap

*your child who is disabled but wants to be creative and is very responsive to music

*your teen who is uninspired to attend the selection of classes on offer at their school or leisure complex

*your toddler, junior or senior who would rather play on his or her tablet than get moving - we are striving for balance between technology and activity

Who are our customers?

Parents, carers and teachers, Schools, Leisure centres, Sports clubs, Golf & country clubs, Dance studios, local councils & Trusts, community outreach programs.

We are also reach Home Education children who enjoy our off peak sessions hosted at various venues from leisure centres to community halls. 

 Affiliations and partnerships:

Partnernships: Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex (Freedom Leisure) and Surrey Choices. 

Sportivate, Active Surrey, Go Fest, FitPro, EMD, Local County Councils, Charterhouse Club, Cranleigh Golf Club, FISH, CHIPS.

Following our EMD endorsement, the Synergy program will be added to the Youth Sport Trust resources for 20,000 schools to access.

Active Surrey are adding our program to the PE resource for schools as an official provider of dance classes and this will be replicated in other counties. 


* We provide an inclusive mixed dance program which supports an environment where children and young people have space and freedom to grow, learn new skills, experience different dance styles, keep fit and make friends. In schools, we are anticipating that our dance clubs, workshops and mini dance parties can help to improve academic achievement, by enhancing brain activity, whilst increasing fitness, confidence and well-being. Our action-packed classes are full of energy, fun and flair for all and encourage creativity and imagination through dance.

*We have an outreach program for children with SEN and disabilities 

*We celebrate that boys can dance as well as girls and supply classes for infants, juniors and teens which appeal to both genders.

*The Synergy formula includes a mix of dance styles, pupil-led choreography, dance games, methodology, music, drama and dance steps. We are breaking down gender stereotypes and providing a fun alternative to outdated forms of exercise.

This is just the start – we are going national and want to be known as the UK’s leading provider of fully inclusive dance courses and workshops in schools and leisure centres. With funding, there is scope to reach children and young people worldwide.

By investing in Synergy, you are investing in both the health and fitness of our young people and a new approach to dancing in schools and leisure time that reaches everyone. LET'S GET KIDS DANCING!

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