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Shaving isn't being Brave Surviving Cancer is.Faith King, AngelTweedie and myself Millar E S Linda are going to have a synchronised shave of...

by Linda Silliman Millar in Blairgowrie, Scotland, United Kingdom

Shaving isn't being Brave Surviving Cancer is.

Faith King, AngelTweedie and myself Millar E S Linda are going to have a synchronised shave off of our hair in honour of the lovely, brave and inimitable KatyRoswell.

Now as many of you know Katy's cancer has returned and this time its extremely aggressive.

Katy is an NHS Senior Staff Member ho worked her arse off for more than four months of what was only supposed to be a few weeks secondment in Wales.

Putting herself at risk of contracting Covid-19 on a daily basis and instead of worrying about that she cared with compassion and dedication for those in her care.

It's time for some of us to show our thanks and not with some innate clapping of our hands.

Katy has been on Facebook supporting many of us through thick and thin, she has been on hand at any time of the day or night when any of her friends has had a problem that has felt or been insurmountable, she has given excellent advice and support in both the morally and pastoral sense to many of us when we felt we could no longer take the crap life was throwing at us.

She is a ballsy lady, she is stoic, she is brave, she is loved and she has a Cancer that will kill her.

I'm asking each and every single one of you as my family and my friends to please support us in doing this in order that we can support Katy in her hour of need.

We can all grow our hair back, but we only get one life and its not only our honour as friends to help and support her, but its our duty as human beings to pay it forward.

You never know Katy may have been one of the Senior Staff Member who saved one of your friends or family members lives, she may have been the person tasked with delivering the news of a death of a loved one, she may have been the last voice a person dying heard, the last hand that held theirs, the last link between their humanity and spirituality for them.

So again I'm asking you if you can donate no matter how little please do so it would mean so much to Faith, Angela and myself.

Please, please if you don't wish to donate we would kindly ask that you share this post as far and wide as you can I am putting the setting to public.

Our biggest thanks to you all

Linda, Faith and Angela

Let's make 'Synchronised Hair Shave' happen

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