Syd&Sylvia 2018 Tour

I need your help to support a short UK tour of my critically acclaimed Edinburgh show Syd&Sylvia, a one woman drag cabaret about misogyny.

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On 9th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £280 with 13 supporters in 56 days

Syd& Sylvia is a one-woman drag show about a married couple who run a fictional 1980s Working Men's Club.  I play both characters in this abusive marriage, switching between old school misogynist club owner / compere Syd, his long suffering singer / entertainer wife Sylvia and myself as a performer.  The conceit is that every Saturday night, Syd & Sylvia put on a show for the punters at the club, performing the same old tired jokes and karaoke numbers. Recently, however, Sylvia has taken up a class in Women's Studies and has started to change some of the performance material, which angers Syd.  The action takes place on one particularly dramatic Saturday night.  It has been in development since 2015.  

The purpose of the show is to confront misogyny in it's many forms - from the subtle to the extreme -in a way that is unflinching, visceral and, at times, confrontational.  

People don’t always understand things just because you explain it to them (which can be so exhausting).  Sometimes you have to show people how ridiculous the world is by subverting it for them.  This project is so important to me because it highlights the absurdity of misogyny by contrasting it with the standards men are held to and making overlooked problems seem strange.  

I took the show to Edinburgh fringe this year and received excellent reviews and feedback, particularly from women who found the show cathartic and felt that it gave a coherent shape to their frustrations.  

I really feel that this show deserves to be seen by a wider audience, especially in the context of current events.  Your contributions will enable me to deliver this project to a high standard.  

I am looking for help with staging a short UK tour of the show in 2018.  So far I have 3 dates booked at feminist theatre festivals in London, Exeter and Margate and am working on securing further dates.  

5 star review from Fringe Guru

4 star review from Three Weeks

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