Swingify - the best is yet to come

by Dan Greavey in Inverurie, Scotland, United Kingdom

Swingify - the best is yet to come


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I'm creating a solo album but it's by no means a solo effort. An amazing team are working for nothing right now but I'd like to change that.

by Dan Greavey in Inverurie, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, I’m Dan. 

This is my first solo album. Ever. It is going to be an album of covers of my favourite songs. Each song has been reimagined in the style of one of my favourite songs from the crooners and Big Band years. Influences range from Frank Sinatra to Cab Calloway, and it’s been a lot of fun so far!

While putting it together, I have realised the sort of time, skill, and expense that goes into even the most basic of projects. There are so many elements involved - arrangers, musicians, producers, copyright, album artwork, production, distribution. The list goes on. 

From the first meeting with my main collaborator, James Pritchard, he has put hours and hours into the arrangement and mixing of every single song. And we’re not halfway there yet! We have also brought in incredible musicians and specialist arrangers for the horn section and it's sounding incredible already.

We have other singers involved too, from the three amazing voices working as backing singers adding depth to many numbers, to some duets with very talented friends. 

None of the people in this project have actually been in the same room so far! Everything has been done, thanks to the wonder of lockdown and isolation, from their own homes.

It’s a really unique and personal album, so to have all these people giving up their time and talent for absolutely nothing seems entirely unfair. I am not making any money personally from this crowdfunder, every penny will go towards paying the people involved and hopefully an ultimate target of a full scale album launch with the whole album played live! 


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One Song Glory

One song from the new album, exclusively yours before the release date! Available as a digital download.

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The other soundtracks

CD versions of previous albums I was involved in: 'The B Project', and 'Shhh... the Musical'

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Tickety Boo

A complimentary ticket to the live album launch gig!

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Compact and bijou

The new album. Just for you. On CD.

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Juicy double

Two rewards for the price of... less than two. The album on CD, and a ticket to the live launch.

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Swingify me!

Not only a copy of the CD but you will be personally listed as a supporter in the album insert.

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A Song for You

A rendition of a song of your choosing from the great crooners, performed and filmed by me, and sent to you or a friend.

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Singer for the night!

I will come to an event of yours, and provide musical entertainment for the evening, with up to two hours of crooner classics. PA system and bad jokes provided. Specific date availability cannot be guaranteed.

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