Swindon Half Marathon - Community Run

Swindon Half Marathon Event: be part of enabling this positive, active focused and inclusive community event to go ahead this year

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Be part of this positive and inclusive community event, focused on bringing people together and being active.  It also benefits local charities from participants taking part on behalf of local good causes. 

We're calling on the community - individuals and businesses -  for a final push so the Swindon Half Marathon Event can go ahead again this year. 

This event is only possible through the amazing volunteer team and the generosity of local people and businesses, contributing financially and through donations of services and products. 

With true community spirit and collaboration at its heart... it's a special event to be part of.  Please help as much as you are able.

It's not just about the 13.1 mile route, there is also a 5 mile multi terrain and 2 mile fun route...so something for everyone.  It's not for profit.  Funds raised through this crowdfunding campaign will  pay for essential infrastruture costs that will allow the event to go ahead safely, such as for road closures.

Thank you :)