SWIMSARA - body confident rocking swimsuits!

by Paula Masterson in Bridge Of Allan, Scotland, United Kingdom

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To make women feel super body confident on holiday through the power of swimsuits!

by Paula Masterson in Bridge Of Allan, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any extra funding from Crowdfunder will allow me to:

  • Start the next range of designs for Winter Sun 2020!
  • Produce more designs quicker
  • Do another photo shoot of 'real' models
  • Launch my brand with a 'beach party'

Thank you so much - I believe in Karma and for those that are kind enough to pledge I believe that this will be repaid back to you in some way (maybe me buying you a coffee!)

Paula x


My name is Paula, I am a working mum of two and the founder of SWIMSARA, an innovative swimwear brand. I came up with the idea of SWIMSARA after many stressful family holidays looking for the perfect swimsuit.

For years I have been trying to find a supportive yet stylish swimsuit that holds me in all the right places whilst still making me look and feel sexy and body confident. After years of trying on numerous swimsuits I have always been dissatisfied by either the way they look or the way they make me feel. Too much support and the swimsuit design was always frumpy and any new styles that came out meant no support and made me feel like a wannabe 19 year old! So last year I decided to design my own (as you do), I knew if I had this problem then other women must do too and this is how SWIMSARA was born.

SWIMSARA is innovative because I use sun-safe tan-through fabric for the straps on my swimsuits, previously I found that to be supportive straps needed to be thick to hold up my bust but this also meant wide strap tan-lines. For me this is a major no no, moving straps while sun-bathing to avoid tan-lines is not only annoying but the unsightly tan-lines also made me feel unnattractive when getting dressed up to go out at night. This is why I will use a revolutionary patented material for the straps, you can now have support without the big white tan-lines! Hurrah!

So for me my mission is simple, I just want to design super supportive and stylish swimsuits that women like me love! 


In a world with too much choice I want to be clear on what SWIMSARA stands for. I want people to remember what makes my designs worth buying and so to keep it simple everything I do with SWIMSARA will be based around 5 key things. 

This is what makes my swimsuits so super fricking awesome:


My SWIMSARA friends tell me that if they don’t feel supported then they don't feel body confident or sexy. To combat this the fabric of my swimsuits include Lycra thi means that the main body of the swimsuit will cling and support a woman's natural curves. The swimsuits will also be double lined to hold in your bellies too (your welcome!)

My debut design (see technical pattern below) also features ‘darts’ which are folds (tucks coming to a point) sewn into the fabric to take in ease and provide shape to a garment, especially for a woman's bust. 

My SWIMSARA friends will be used as my muses and I will test the fits on them before I go into manufacturing, if the design does not past the test then they don't get produced!


I will never comprise on style, whether in the design, the colours or the patterns I use. If the fit is right and it makes you feel super sexy you will automatically be body confident. This is key and that is why I will always ask you, my SWIMSARA friends your thoughts and comments on any new designs, colours and patterns. 

I really want to hear from you and get your insights to help me build a swimwear brand that you love. 


The jewel in SWIMSARA’s crown, the straps of the swimsuits will be made from scientifically developed and patented fabric which selectively filters ultraviolet sunrays for safer tanning. 

The special polyester yarn has a property that blocks most of the burning UV-B rays, but allows a sufficient percentage of the browning UV-A sunrays through. The patented fabric works like a sun cream, so the use of sun cream under the straps is not needed! I know, wow!! 

This is why SWIMSARA is an innovative swimwear brand, I have listened to my SWIMSARA friends who tell me that strap lines after tanning is the number 1 most annoying thing about swimwear. The faffing about of moving straps when sunbathing or the lack of support from thin strapped swimsuits is why SWIMSARA exists!


I want to do my bit for the planet so I will always source materials and packaging that minimise our impact to our environment. I think this is important for the future of our earth and something I want to support.

The debut design uses life-recycled nylon for the main body of the swimsuit which is made from recycled plastic nets and bottles, the packaging I use are also ECO friendly.


I want everyone who buys one of my swimsuits to be super delighted with their purchase. I want women who wear my designs to love how they look and feel, knowing they are happy with what they have bought makes me smile and if I can help women like me feel body confident on holiday then the world has just got a little more positive.


For the past year I have been working on my first swimsuit design and I am pleased to share with you my journey so far, here are the milestones to date:

- Technical pattern, CAD drawings and technical specifications produced                   - Sourced the revolutionary tan-through and recyled materials                                    - Suitable factories lined up across the world to start manufacturing                           - Hand-made samples tried and tested on SWIMSARA friends                                    - SWIMSARA friends community live on socials                                                                                                                                                                       


I love the idea of putting my idea out there and getting feedback to continually improve, not only does Crowdfunding allow me to raise the capital I need to kick off my idea but it also allows me to connect with future SWIMSARA friends (followers and influencers of my brand) who can help me build a brand they love.

So in return for people's generosity I have put forward a few reward options. To achieve my goal I simply need people to buy into the future of the brand and believe that one day this idea will be wanted and bought by women like me. 

For those who want to be one of the first people to own an exclusive swimsuit you can pre-order my debut design (available in 3 sizes) delivered to you for Summer 2020. 

To thank you for your belief in the brand I am offering you a discount! Oh and delivery is FREE. Woop!

How will my Crowdfunding be spent?


1. Is the tan-through material safe?

Absolutely, the material acts like a sun-cream. The knitting of the fabric stops any hramful rays being transmitted to the skin.

2. What sizes will the swimsuits be available in?

3. What colours and designs will be available?

For the first production run I will produce 300 units made up of 3 sizes (S,M,L and 3 colours (Black, Red and another to be confirmed by SWIMSARA friends). I will have 3 swimsuit designs and 1 bikini option to offer for my launch (as long as the funding goes well!),

4. Will you offer returns?

I hope people who have pledged and received a swimsuit will be delighted with their purchase, however yes of course we will offer exchanges only either of another size or colour.

Be bold. Be beautiful. Be You.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£60 or more

£60 FLASH SALE Reward

Be one of the first people to own your very own SWIMSARA swimsuit before they go on general sale. Exclusive first choice from the first production run available in a choice of sizes and colours (final designs and colours sent to you after funding). Oh and delivery to you is also Free!!

£20 or more

£20 Reward

- A virtual BIG hug from me, knowing you have made someone happy when they wear one of my swimsuits must be a reward in itself! - Plus a SWIMSARA friendship bracelet to wear on holiday, you are now part of my journey so I will also email you and keep you up to date on my progress until launch!

£40 or more

£40 Reward

- A SWIMSARA limited edition Beach Bag tote featuring the ‘group shot’ of real life models from my funded photo shoot - Life time friend of SWIMSARA, on our mailing list so you can keep up to date on our progress and future designs

£60 or more

£60 Reward

- 30% off your first purchase from SWIMSARA, exclusive first access to the first production run before it goes on general sale - Life time friend of SWIMSARA, on our mailing list so you can keep up to date on our progress and future designs

£100 or more

£100 Reward

- One of the first people to own their very own SWIMSARA swimsuit in a choice of 3 sizes, delivered to your house FOC ready for your 2020 summer holiday - Life time friend of SWIMSARA, on our mailing list so you can keep up to date on our progress and future designs

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