Swim to Survive

Swim to Survive

We are doing this because evidence has shown from the World of Lifesaving that 80% of drowning occurs in low income countries.

We did it!

On 27th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £80 with 2 supporters in 28 days

We are a group of volunteers lifesavers that are heading out to South Africa in early December 2015 for 10 days to help teach the young people in and around the coastline of Cape Town how to be safe by the sea. We want to help reduce the risk of drowning and help promote beach and sea saftey. We are working in partnership with the local Managers of Coastal, Sport Recreation and Amenities department of Cape Town in South Africa and Beach Smart, which is a non-profit company where they have given us children wetsuits to take out over there.

Our aim is to target community base actions in the area of Cape Town (a population of 3.74 million), delivering a fundamental training sessions to train by-standers (mainly children) how to be safe on the beach and in the sea. Teach young people to be leaders to help develop this program.

The Swim to Survive project will be highly advertised by the authorities of Cape Town and here in the UK. The mnagament are supplying us with lifeguards support whilst we delivery this event.

Actions are as follows:

  • Basic swimming, water safety and safe rescue skills
  • strengthen public awareness and highlight the hidden danagers on the beach and in the sea.
  • signage of danaerous areas and understanding the local signage around the local beaches.
  • South Africa Shark Safety warning tips.

The above will be delivered in a safe training enviroment such as a tidel pool, which is situated on and around their beaches, a great way for them to understand their enviroment and be supervised by trained qualified lifeguards and coaches while they learn. The training sessions will be delivered to meet the needs of the above to the people of cape Town. 

We our help, support and our knowledge in swimming and lifesaving we know we can make some difference, if it is only small. Counting victims dose not save lives or reduce drowning - but understanding the magnitude of the problem and identifying the risk factors dose allow us to provide effective prevention actions to the highest risk populations, locations and activities, that is why we ant to do this project.

The National Sea Rescue has estimated that more than 2,000 adults and children die in the waters in South Africa each year (Cape Town News). Contributing factors are poor swimming abilities, alcohol and rip currents.

We have three GBR athletes the are on this project that represent Surf Lifesaving GB and Triathlon GB, also several top lifesaving -swim coaches that already deliver coaching for free in there local area.

Our outcome are to make young people more beach awareness and create leaders, creating a pathway of oppunity for young people.

We are looking for sponsorship of £960 We are using our own funds for airfare and accommodation. 

Thank you! :)


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