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Raise enough funds to keep the company running but also receive your feedback around this delicious and sustainable natural sugar.

by patricia middel de middel in London, England, United Kingdom


my name is Patricia and I am the co-founder of SWICILY, a food start-up that I am running from Chelsea together with my daughter Carmen and five amazing interns, Federica, Christianne, Isabella, Alex, and Aksel.

Together, we hope to bring more sweetness to your days!

With over 25 years of working experience, many of them mentoring start-ups and helping businesses grow, I decided to show the world that it was possible to launch a successful ethical business at my age (48). On the practical side, and having 4 kids of my own, it is also not easy to find properly good treats...so I started searching the world and found the solution in sunny Sicily.

 I launched SWICILY, organic grape sugar from Sicily. A natural sweetener solely made from delicious heritage grapes grown by small local farmers. An unprocessed and unrefined liquid sugar with quality calories and nutrients. I strongly believe that we have come up with the most sustainable, ethical, and delicious alternative to sugar. You can use it any time, as a simple sweetener or a gastronomical ingredient.

A real treat for your body and soul.

The only problem has been the timing! We decided to launch in February 2019...just as covid started spreading amongst us. Believe me, all the expenses have been reduced to the bare minimum. I am a strong positive individual, full of creativity and a great network of friends...and have used them all to keep this tremendously beautiful story afloat. A big thank you to my daughter Carmen that whilst preparing her A levels, helped me create, all in-house, this beautiful branding. 

Thanks to an amazing team of interns we do already have some orders in the US and clients in the UK, France, and Germany. Unfortunately, SWICILY is only currently available via Amazon as we need further funds to create our e-commerce and keep on knocking on the shop's doors. 

Many thanks in advance for your support, truly.

Patricia and the Swicilians

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