Sweet Insensibility- A Film By Richard Binnington

Sweet Insensibility- A Film By Richard Binnington

A short film based on how we all percieve the world differently from one another.

We did it!

On 10th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £80 with 7 supporters in 14 days

 So Hey,

Thank you for taking the time to come and look at my crowdfunder. I suppose I'll jump right in. My names Richard. I'm a second year film student at Staffordshire University Studying Media (Film) Production. I've been wanting to make films since the age of 10 so right now, I'm living the dream. I am currently in Pre-Production of my latest film but your help is needed! This year, I am going all out with this project and this is where you come in. Film Making is very expensive whereas I am on a very low budget, any donation would be appriciated and go straight into the film.

Now where would the money go? For a start, the main cost of this project is in Locations, Actors Expenses and Costuming. These are the main three areas. After that, If there is anything left over, that will go towards entering into film festivals around the world!

What is my film about? The easiest way to sum it up is through a extract of the script:

“The life we live within our minds is sometimes a lot better than the hand we’ve been dealt in the real world. We’d do anything to keep our loved ones safe. Beg, borrow, steal and even lie to them. If you could stop the pain and suffering to give them the perfect life, would you do it?”

Sounds cool right? It will be, I am very excited to get this project on the go! Filming is taking place on Tuesday 10th November. Thats set in stone. Lets make this a really awesome project and even if you donate the smallest amount possible, your name will still make it into the credits as in the words of Tesco, Every Little Helps.

If you're not too sure about placing any money into my project, Please take a look at this Mockumentary I co-produced last year. As you can see, I am going in a very different direction this time.


Thank you so much!


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