Sweet Circus: Equipment Fund

by Miz Wells in Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom



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Sweet Circus promotes healthy lifestyles and positive mental health through Circus. We need to grow to meet demand.

by Miz Wells in Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Recruiting and training additional instructors will be a priority once we have the rigging in place as this will enable more people to access the skills and opportunity.

Currently we spend £180 a week on venue hire and storage space, this makes it difficult to keep costs down.  A contribution to the hire costs would enable us to offer significant discounts to those in poverty or with disadvantage, encouraging those who would benefit most to access our services more.

Some of our young people would hugely benefit from the investment of time and training to enable them to become instructors or practitioners in their own right.  We would like to support a small number of students over the coming year with additional training, providing the opportunity to complete Arts Award qualifications and where appropriate even aerial instructor training certifications.  To do this we need support for the costs involved in such training and qualifications, including instructor time, CPD and venue hire.

Sweet Circus is a Community Interest Company.  We believe passionately in the social, physical and mental health benefits of participation in Circus Arts and strive to make it accessible to all. We use participation to reduce isolation, improve confidence and positive self image, promote physical and mental health, community cohesion and to provide employability skills and opportunities.

We offer Aerial and Ground Skills training, to children, teenagers, people over 50, those outside mainstream education and workshops to families, community groups and the general public.

We are raising money for more appropriate rigging and equipment, and instructors so that more people can experience getting up in the air.

We need a larger aerial rigging solution, along with new hoops, trapezes and silks. This would be quicker and safer, enabling more children and young people to learn more dynamic and exciting tricks. There is some great learning in risk taking and emotional control to be had here!

It would also mean that people of all ages would be able to use the equipment so we could create classes for adults and families that incorporate aerial work, including our 50+ social circus participants.

The benefits of engaging in circus are broad; 

Physical - Improves flexibility, agility, strength and fitness.  Develops coordination, fitness and balance. Particularly useful for growing children or older people!

Social - Promotes team working, social skills, perseverance, confidence and resilience.  Creates new pathways in the brain, leading to innovation, empathy and new perspectives. It's a great way to meet new people!

Medical - Exercises the brain & body.  Releases 'feel good' endorphins, reduces stress hormones. Aids positive mental health.  Future proof the grey matter!

We want to make circus accessible to all can you help us on that journey? 


Let's make 'Sweet Circus: Equipment Fund' happen

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