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by POA LONDON in London, England, United Kingdom

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POA LONDON: SWEDISH, INNOVATIVE & VEGAN We make bags that are animal friendly to disrupt the fashion market. With our unique pattern

by POA LONDON in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The extra funding will be used to advance our packaging to a more sustainable packaging. We will use the funding to market ourselves and spread the awareness.

 Leather and fur are a dying trend. Literally. It is time that we stop taking advantage of animals and seek to the many alternatives that deliver the same look in a sustainable, ethical way.


Much more polluted than the meat industry according to several studies, including one completed this year. California, a state with leading environmental policies, is taking a stand and banning fur production from 2023, and we believe leather is next.

POA LONDON  is a Swedish London-based accessories brand. Creating vegan, animal friendly products began after we realised that most premium brands don't offer any sustainable options to their consumers, making it almost impossible to break the bad circle of the leather industry.  We have watched countless documentaries about the environment and other related concerns such as animal cruelty to further inspire us to make the best product we possibly could.

The name POA means flower in Maui, Hawaiian. The simple and effortless beauty of a flower is what we want to deliver in our products. The brand is also named after the founder's mother to further reinforce the idea of nurturing.

We want to make people more aware of the environmental impact of leather. By investing in POA, you will help us to develop our accessories brand, and you will spread the word that leather is destroying our planet. Your support will enable us to make products such as wallets, keychains and bags available for both men & women. We need you to expand and spread our message. The more we grow, the more we will give back to our planet. 

We aim to deliver a bag that is affordable to everyone with a good purpose. To reinforce our ideas with actions, we will work with Gloucestershire Wildlife trust and donate from our official website sales made on our new collection out this spring. Gloucestershire Wildlife reintroduces native species that have become extinct in England and care for their nature reserves by planting trees, creating deadwood, and managing flooding naturally. 

POA LONDON© owns the design rights to its optical illusion print which is inspired by the ageing lines in tree trunks.

As an animal-friendly and sustainable brand, our print is inspired by a coppiced tree's ageing lines. Trees have long represented graceful ageing and nourishment. Their rings tell us about their past and are inspirational as we look to the future.  We are a new brand, gaining experience and shaping our future each and every day. We react to the world around us. We age, we change and we want different things. POA LONDON represents nature while remaining on trend and in fashion. We are the go-to accessory for people who want to do more for their planet and sense of self. As a new brand, we will be able to grow with an audience of Millennials and Generation Z to influence market trends. Because this brand was founded by a Millennial, it understands the desires of the next generation, reflecting on growth and changing in a positive way. The change in policies, politics, and who we are is demonstrated in the geometry of the design and the connected lines. Our print symbolises a growing generation emerging from the lines to create their own shape while staying true to nature. 

POA bag

Donna bag

Ella bag

We are proud to be one of the first brands offering NON-plastic and biodegradable phone cases made out of wheat straw. The cases wont contribute to the toxic and environmental threat of the plastic industry.

Our Phone cases come with our unique pattern on the back in a navy blue & black and white classic pattern.

Join POA London and combat planet destruction. By supporting POA you will not only help us grow and spread our important message, but you will also stand for our planet and the future of humankind. 

The Italian material Ecolorica is the material we want to produce our upcoming lines with. Your support will allow us to do this. It is the most sustainable and best imitation of leather on the market. It is an eco-dyed and highly versatile material. We are seeking funding to produce exclusively with Ecolorica at our Portugal manufacturer.

Gala Style Magazine Germany, September 2019 


BDA LDN, November 2019

TATLER Magazine, January 2020- March 2020

By contributing to POA LONDON we will be able to continue to develop our animal-friendly brand,  and help spread the awareness and donate money to charity. 

But we won't be able to achieve any of this without your support! If you believe in our mission, please give to this kickstarter.

Select your pledge and spread the word.

Together that we can reshape the industry. 






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Bio degradable phone case with our unique pattern

Get a Non-plastic biodegradable phone case made out of wheat straw! We are tired of plastic and want to be one of the first brands offering a Non plastic phone cases with our unique pattern on the back. The case is biodegradable and doesn't affect or contribute to the plastic consumption. IPHONE only

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£20 Reward Thank you card!

Get a personalised Thank you card! delivered to your home address. We appreciate your support and spreading the awareness

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Sample of our POA bag

Get a sample of our classic and best-selling POA bag. Animal friendly and much more responsible then a leather bag. Comes with our unique pattern. A beginner bag that fits all your daily needs. Perfect as a gift or for yourself. https://poa-london.com/products/the-poa-bag

£110 or more

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Ella bag

Our Ella bag that comes in forest green a chic crossbody bag with our unique pattern. Strap can be adjusted for a shoulder or crossbody bag. Can come personalised with initials upon request. As seen in TATLER & Gala style magazine. https://poa-london.com/products/ella-bag

£175 or more

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Donna bag

Our Donna bag is the must have bag! Its a stand out bag that attracts attention and has our unique pattern in yellow, black & white. The bag is a shoulder bag with pockets inside. Visit website for more details https://poa-london.com/products/donna-bag

£275 or more

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The Victoria bag!

The New season Victoria bag is here! **Very limited stock** The new season Victoria bag is a classic & elegant bag that fits all your daily needs. With dark navy details & our classic pattern. Comes with a golden handle & a crossbody adjustable strap. Visit website for more details https://poa-london.com/products/victoria-bag

£300 or more

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Get 2 bags of your choice

Get our Donna + Ella bag or Ella + Poa bag. Perfect to keep for yourself and share with a family member or a friend. Visit our website to have a look at your options: www.poa-london.com

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Company event

(this pledge is only for companies) Have our founder talk at your company event or lead a talk about sustainable fashion, how starting a company as a female has been and sharing the journey and experience of building POA London.

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