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by Suzie Mac in Truro, England, United Kingdom

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Raising funds to help Suzie receive vital treatment after an anaphylactic shock and to help support her music career.

by Suzie Mac in Truro, England, United Kingdom

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 Introducing us all, Martin, Andy, Scott, Adam, Mike and Paul. Oh and the reason we are all here Suzie Mac

Suzie is a singer-songwriter currently in between Cornwall(her home) and London. 

This Crowdfunder has been created because over the last year we have witnesses how Suzie's health has deteriorated. A few months ago she announced that she had to cut the band down to a duo in order to afford medical bills and treatment. This is a worst-case scenario for Suzie and us. That's why we need your help.

Just over a year ago, Suzie's body started to shut down shortly after an anaphylactic episode from a peanut allergy. When she first collapsed, she was diagnosed with a Vitamin B12 deficiency but it has soon come to light that the deficiency was masking something far more serious.  Suzie is suffering from paralysis, severe memory loss, muscle weakness, pain, extreme exhaustion, and breathing difficuties and this is only some of her symptoms.

She has had consultations with neurologists, gastroenterologists and private GP's. After 8 MRI scans, a lumbar puncture, an endoscopy, and many blood tests the doctors were not able to diagnose her with any common illness. There is still ongoing testing and research to come up with a long-term solution to the detrimental affect the anaphylactic shock has had on her body. But at this stage, NHS doctors are stumped and not sure what else they can do as the condition is very rare and only a few other people in the world have experienced similar trouble after an anaphylactic shock. Finding specialists in this country and abroad are the next step, so Suzie has started communication with medical professionals in other countries to try and locate someone who can take on her cases. Her GP suggested crowdfunding in order to help with the crippling bills that comes with seeing specialists. 

After a lot of research, she has found significant evidence from a States specialist that severe peanut allergy suffers can cause auto immune reactions. That indeed her body does seem to be in shutdown mode, which the B12 injections are helping to fight, but this is temporary.

The NHS have been amazing, but currently they are only aware that there are no known side effects of an Anaphylactic shock. 
but after Suzie discussed this with other affected people. They have had similar milder symptoms after also. 

A month ago Suzie had an airborne reaction to peanuts (this had not occured previously) and went into further decline she is now on 5/6 injections a week.
Previously it was only her right side that was affected with numbness, muscle weakness and pain etc a huge factor was also memory loss.  After this latest reaction her left is also affected.

On top of this she has had significant hair loss after both reactions. And after seeing a Tricologist (hair specialist) they concluded it was auto immune reaction to the peanuts

 While she acknowledges this may be her reality for the rest of her life, Suzie is still seeking advice from independent consultants across the world to find a cure for her condition as she is in decline .

She went to St Thomas hospital in Westminster london last week to their Toxicology department and they are consulting with their haematology and immunology department specialists to see if they can help.

The next step if no one can help..
Is to travel to Colorado in the states which could over a prolonged period cost over £100,000..

Without the injections her body quickly deteriorates. Unfortunately even on the injections if she does too much she can need 2-3 days bed-rest to recuperate. This happens especially around gigs so she is having to calculate in advance when she can and cannot book gigs.

Suzie (to those who do not know her) is a bubbly, giggly and all round positive happy person. Despite all that she has been going through she still holds that smile.  Recently she set up an album of local musicians called Winter Solace to support the homeless and elderly in Cornwall. For Suzie, knowing people want to help her and communicating about her illness has been a challenge. She is a natural carer that always seeks to put other's needs above her own. Now that we can see the extent to which she is struggling we are ready to act and get her the help she desperately needs.

As you can imagine this has had an adverse affect on her music career, she had to give up her job in event management and lost out on 14 months of income, which was to go towards living, tour and recording costs. Sadly her illness has coincided with a critical point in her music career. With interest from management agencies and labels; cowriting with well renowned songwriters such as Ian Dench formerly from EMF; USA tour organisation; gigs booked at prestigious venues Tate Modern and The Troubadour, Suzie has bright and exciting future ahead of her musically. 

Thankfully Suzie has support at home during this difficult time. Her parents has been incredible and helped care for her on the days when she cannot leave her bed. Sadly these days are still a regular occurrence, even on the B12 injections. 

Hardest part of it all is that Suzie is trying to reassure family, friends and the music industry that she is going to be ok. Because as it stands we genuinely don't know. But even more so if she would survive another Reaction to these pesky nuts

We need your help to support Suzie and her family during this challenging time. If we could provide them with some peace of mind and offer hope for her future, then they can focus on the process of finding a long-term solution for her condition.

All money raised would go towards:

  • Medical care and treatment
  • Funding recording of her music
  • Travel costs to medical appointments especially abroad.

The one thing that has pulled her through this and kept her focus, is her music. Not only is this important to her but to all those that follow her music too. The overall cost is currently unknown but any support would be welcome. 

We cannot let her voice fall silent.. So we need your help!

Please contribute if you can and help spread the word  


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