Sutors Gin

Sutors is a hand foraged seed to spirit gin made from Highland botanicals using local barley and water.

We did it!

On 24th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £8,710 with 118 supporters in 35 days

We need your help to make this ambitious project a success. 

Sutors Gin is an expression of place; from the fields that grow our grain, to the mountains where our juniper has grown for centuries, to the beaches where many of our key botanicals grow. Stuart and Ed the creators of Sutors are passionate about both landscape and gin, so combining the two is natural.

We are currently fine-tuning our Seed to Spirit distillery and developing the flavours of our uniquely local gin.  Our building is a beautiful 18th century milking parlour. Our aim is to make great gin in a building steeped in the agricultural heritage of the area. But we aren’t rushing. 

Stuart is a dreamer, tinkerer and tirelessly curious. His interest in spirits was piqued when he helped make liqueurs for Christmas with his grandad, stuffing raspberries into jars with sugar vodka. Memories flood in of that drinks cabinet and smells of Crème De Menthe, Benedictine, whisky and, of course, gin — his grandmother’s favourite tipple.
All that lay dormant until he was thinking of a present to give his partner Clair. Not any present but something she would love. Clair loves gin. When discussing this with Ed one evening the plan started. Months of scheming later and we are now on the verge of launching Sutor’s Gin and also Clair’s birthday present.

Ed began homebrewing to satisfy his need for quality and taste, not just quantity. Growing up in rural Lincolnshire, there was a wealth of sloe, damson and brambles – he was renowned for introducing his friends to such delights as sloe and damson gin. Ed is married to the daughter of a malting barley producing farmer. How better to get close to the raw material of your product. Returning to his wife’s roots in the Highlands to pursue his career as an Agronomist, Ed and his family moved to the Nigg peninsula of the Sutors.

Here he met Stuart and the gin adventure was distilled.

Our homes nestled just above the rich agricultural coastal plain on the North Sutor, means we are surrounded by the gently swaying fields of barley, slowly ripening in the northern sun. Ed, an agronomist, shepherds the grain from planting and continues to check and ensure the quality of our base product.

We distil our own spirit from local grain that has been malted to the highest standards. We treat our underlying spirit with the same care and attention as our botanicals. We never buy in spirit.

Some love gin, some come late to gin. Anyone who does not like gin has simply not found theirs – yet.

We want to create a great gin with the help of local crofters and farmers. All our ingredients are locally sourced and we craft our spirit unlike so many of the gins that have arrived on the market in recent years. Your assistance is important in the achieving of these goals but is not the whole story. We have raised signifcant funds and spent almost two years in developing the product. Below is a details the importance of the crowdfunding but it is not the whole story.

The money raised will be spent on preparing our building for distillation as well as purchasing and installing the equipment required. Below is a detail on how the total investment will be spent in delivering this great gin to you. 

We are committed to making this a reality and with your help we can be enjoying a great G&T using sustainably sourced ingredients. From the whole team.... Cheers!

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