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SUSU exists to connect and empower communities through helping their local startups and small businesses grow and gain customers.

by Susu Logistics in London, England, United Kingdom


In these current times of uncertainty a light has been shed on the UK economy and particularly the fragility of the SME sector of small businesses and startups (who on average sustained losses of 34% so far this year). Many of these businesses will struggle to survive and has compounded issues some entrepreneurs already face; primarily reaching more customers, reducing their logistical costs and getting through demand shortfalls. 

With your help we will raise £25,000 to launch SUSU Logistics, the first London-based logistics company of its kind that will provide services and charitable initiatives targeted to unite and support the growth of startups and SMEs at the heart of the UK economy.


Originating in West Africa, "susu" is an age old practice where groups would quickly raise funds through organising and pledging to a pot then taking turns to receive a payout to support each other's entrepreneurial pursuits and family needs. This practice entirely based on trust and unity is one of the earliest forms of crowdfunding even predating banking and for centuries it has empowered communities and been the core of economies. It was effective for our small collective in getting through the pandemic and can be a viable alternative to approaching a high street bank for many people. This formed the basis of our project and staying true to this model that we would like to see replicated this model and use it to spread its economic benefits to support similar startup entrepreneurs. This is also reflected in our logo, the "bese saka" or the symbol of the cola nut, which represents unity, abundance and commerce.

Our Solution:

Understanding group economics and the power of combining our resources and networks to bridge gaps in financing we applied the same logic and have formed SUSU logistics to offer some of the benefits of economies of scale large companies acquire over time to smaller local businesses as a collective 

If you, like us, have ever tried to support local businesses you may be able to relate to some problems such as shipping delays, limited options, and higher pricing compared to household names and we don't believe that doing a good deed should come at your personal expense as a customer. For that reason we will operate a bespoke service with flexible pricing for these businesses that may have less access to credit and flexibility in refining their supply chain and who struggle to reach all of their potential customer base either physically or digitally. As we grow in revenue we will expand our offering to also offer flexible finance solutions too to help them grow and expand product lines, bringing you more choices and a better overall customer service. We can all invest in creating the changes that we would like to see in the world together.


SUSU logistics has entered a strategic partnership with 1 of the global leaders of logistics to help their expansion in the UK (primarily underserviced UK regions). We will begin in the South of London and South of England, leveraging their existing customer base to promote our directory of selected SME businesses to expand their reach, customer base and revenues. Over the next 1-3 years as we expand to larger geographical areas we will be able to expand these benefits to more entrepreneurs and more customers. 

When we reach our larger revenue targets we will be able to establish the SUSU foundation and an academy through which we will pass on the training on how to operate a logistics company (as well as general entrepreneurial knowledge) to promising young graduates as well as business loans and grants to entrepreneurs like ourselves. Our foundation will target the most underrepresented people in society such as women, ethnic minorities and youths between the age 18-25. For many of them they aren't afforded the benefit of having been born into a family with generational wealth or business acumen and will be the first in their family to launch enterprises. 

As the old saying goes, "if you give a man a fish he eats for a day, if you teach him how to fish he can feed himself" 

Why we are Crowdfunding:

We're raising to do these 2 key things:

1) Make key hires

- Hiring a full time Head of Marketing to refine our overall strategy, manage ad spend and optimise CPA to expand our customer base online and our brand partnerships to offer a wider catalogue to customers
- Hiring a head of Customer Services

- Growing our management team to expand into more locations

2) Launch our South London fulfilment site and hire a pilot team of drivers

- Based on the data of how other charitable brands do globally and our knowledge of the diaspora in the UK and logistical challenges for Southerners we see a massive potential to expand and increase our customer base there for a start
- We intend to onboard someone to manage and fulfil our London orders with an aim of reducing shipping costs for customers and businesses and increase our conversions

Stretch Goal:

While we have modest growth projections for the next 1-5 years, we understand that there is a great appetite for a service like ours outside of London and have set revenue targets of £50,000, £100,000 and £200,000 to expand our operations to the whole of London's boroughs, then Greater London & Wales and the whole of the UK respectively.

With your help we can achieve these targets faster and share the benefits with young aspiring entrepreneurs around the country at a faster rate. 

Thank you for joining us on our journey.  


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