My wife and I wish to start a flagship livestock farm

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

As our children are now in the big wide world, my wife and I wish to do something constructive with the rest of our lives. To that end, we would love to start a flagship livestock farm as a standout example of how to farm -

  • produce great tasting food
  • preserve Britains traditional livestock
  • be non-intensive, non-organic, profitable and sustainable
  • without subsidy
  • farm with nature
  • make a great home for wildlife

Once our days are gone, we would want to leave it in the hands of trustees who would ensure that the work is carried on for future generations. There is so much more to this and if anyone is interested, we would be only to pleased to discuss our ideas and of course take on suggestions. Please email for much more info. We are going to donate a substantial sum ourselves.