Made to Mend: Hemp Textiles Research Project

by Laura Bossom in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

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On 14th February 2020 we successfully raised £170 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Our aim is to raise £10,000 to initiate Step 1 of our Made to Mend research project designed to innovate sustainable development

by Laura Bossom in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Did you know…?

1.76 million tonnes of raw material are consumed by the British clothing industry every year with a third of it becoming waste (Valuing our Clothes report, 2012) and £140m worth of clothes goes into landfill each year (WRAP, 2019).

Plastic fibres and toxic chemicals found in synthetic clothes are eventually released into our atmosphere & seas causing catastrophic environmental pollution. 

Therefore, natural fibres offer a biodegradable textile production which works with the land. For instance, it is used as a carbon capture like hemp which absorbs four times as much carbon dioxide than the average plant. As a bioremediation rotation crop, it also revitalises the soil without the need of pesticides, herbicides or intensive water usage.

The story so far...

Hemp fashion designer Laura Bossom, founder of Cultiva Clothing, has focused her work on how garments can be repaired, recycled or biodegrade after use. 

The successful launch of our first industrial hemp brand, Cultiva Clothing, was in response to the urgent need for better quality, biodegradable, sustainable clothing. 

Hemp textiles have an important role to play in cleaning up fashion; the second most polluting industry in the world, but even hemp fabric, as currently produced, has a long way to go before it is truly sustainable. So we need your support to help fund our research project to drive development in the hemp clothing sector.



Our mission

As the demand for low impact, environmentally sustainable, fair trade clothing grows, labour costs, material sourcing, dyeing and garment production all become more expensive. With some innovative ideas, we hope to create sustainable fashion at a price which is accessible to all, without a cost to the planet or textile workers. 

All too often, synthetic garments go into landfill, with no consideration of the environmental pollution or waste of raw materials. Our research will consider the entire life cycle of the garment from seed to compost, with an extraordinary circular closed loop system in mind. Money raised will also go towards the development on our new product line. We want to create the most unique and ecological hemp products on the market.

Hemp is just one example of a bioremediation crop which regenerates our soil, and promotes biodiversity, while producing useful natural fibres. We see hemp and other natural fibres becoming a powerful solution to counter the disastrous effects of fast fashion. Using these plant fibres, we can reduce the fashion industry’s water consumption, waste, environmental toxicity and carbon footprint.

Our mission is to increase the use of natural fibres in fashion, whilst developing new technologies to ensure resource efficiency and environmentally responsible garment manufacturing. 


We are offering some limited edition Cultiva Clothing garments with unique embroidered and printed designs just for our crowdfund supporters.

All products and events will include an element of if not 100% industrial hemp. 

If you have any queries, send us an email at

For more information, visit us at

The more we cultivate this fashion, the more we can save the world! We are Made to Mend!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£45 or more

Hemp Textile Workshop

An introduction into hemp textiles and sustainable fashion. This workshop will take place in London. Date for this workshop will take place on the 30th March in the evening and the venue will be confirmed after crowdfund project terminates. Plus everyone who attends the event will receive a free hemp t-shirt.

£5 or more

Hemp Thank You Card

Receive a hemp Thank You card will be sent and your name will be mentioned on out hero page on Cultiva's website.

£10 or more

Hemp Purse

This handcrafted hemp purse is awarded with a humble thank you

£25 or more

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Hemp Bum Bag

Hemp bum bag perfect for the summer festival season or holiday occasions. Each bum bag comes with its unique design as they are made from recycled hemp material cut offs handcrafted in Nepal. The Hemp is grown in the Himalayas.

£30 or more

Hemp Cap

Limited edition stylish branded Cultiva Clothing cap (One Size, Colour Black)

£35 or more

Hemp T-Shirt

Limited edition Cultiva Clothing limited addition printed white hemp and organic cotton t-shirt.

£40 or more

Hemp Backpack

Hemp backpack perfect for everyday use. Large enough to carry laptop and books in, this backpack comes with its unique design as they are made from recycled hemp material cut offs handcrafted in Nepal. The Hemp is grown in the Himalayas.

£100 or more

0 of 4 claimed

One Love Festival Ticket

4 tickets available to go to One Love Festival

£100 or more

Hemp Shirt

Limited edition Cultiva's Clothing 100% pure hemp shirt with embroidered design.

£150 or more

Luxury Hemp Fibre Hamper

A extremely sustainable reward. A beautiful hemp box filled to the brim with wonderful hemp fibre based goodies and some CBD treats. This includes a bottle of CBD wine and hemp care products.

£300 or more

Bespoke Hemp Garment

Made to measure, we will design and make a garment of your choice. Each reward owner will have a consultation to decide what hemp fabric they would most desire.

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