Sustainable packaging for sleep cream and serum

by Andrea Morrow in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Sustainable packaging for sleep cream and serum
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Provide a cosmetic that is clean inside and out. No plastic container, no wasteful packaging. It will complement these 100% natural products

by Andrea Morrow in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Sleep promoting duo

I have developed and tested a 100% natural, organic-led night face cream and serum duo that also has essential oils to help aid sleep. 

My USP is a night cream and serum that not only replenishes, feeds and fortifies the skin, but helps deliver beauty sleep with the help of relaxing essential oils - something that surprisingly, not many night creams offer. 

My key essential oils to promote sleep and relaxation are jasmine in the cream and lavender in the natural serum. 

Absolutely no plastic

From entry stage development, I used no plastic or wasteful packaging. I spent lots of time sourcing containers and opted to use glass with metal lids. That has been entry level packaging.

Instead of instant 'into the recycling box' cardboard boxes, I opted for linen drawstring bags and face cloths to wrap for postage and presentation - items that can be used again.

The product is selling and I have a business plan to develop it further. Women, people stressed who can't sleep and menopausal and post menopausal women are my main market. Men also use the products.

I want to develop a turn down service for hotels. So the mini hotel presentation packaging must have an environmental but luxury look. For retail, I am aiming for the hotel spa market and Holland and Barrett.

I will commission a design firm to bring this natural sleep duo concept a stage further - from logo, possibly glass and bamboo packaging with etching of a new name into the bamboo wood. 

But I've also looked at award-winning packaging that uses nutshells and other sustainable materials. These are glowing and luxury in appearance.

The branding and packaging will cost £3,000 with a design firm. 


Stress and worry was giving me sleepless nights

 During a particularly stressful time in my life I was functioning on two hours sleep and nothing seemed to help. The first night I tried Sleep With Me night cream I slept for seven hours straight. Not only does it work, sending me into a relaxed and dreamy state, but it also left my skin feeling fabulously nourished. It’s now my go to in times of stress or when I just need to be rested and at my best the following day.
Allison Morris
Irish News, Belfast

Philomena Mcguickin  I  bought the night cream in this range. I normally can't use cream or  anything on my face & had to try this as my skin was so dry. I couldn't believe  that I didn't have a break out as I did when I used other creams. Will  try out  some of the other things in the range - thank you so much will be  in touch.

Clare Mck  Yes Andrea? I love them too especially the lavender Serum Xx


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