Sustainable Living Event

by Sustainable Choices in Shrivenham, England, United Kingdom

Sustainable Living Event
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An educational event to encourage people to make more environmentally friendly choices in their day to day lives

by Sustainable Choices in Shrivenham, England, United Kingdom


This year I became conscious that as a family, we weren’t living in a very environmentally responsible way, and became determined to make some changes. As I started to research the process, I came to realise that it really wasn’t as simple as I would have hoped. Products and information aren’t always readily available, or particularly affordable. It dawned on me that that would be a huge barrier to many people. Even those with a conscience often find it hard to devote the time, energy and money it requires to move to living a more sustainable existence. This led me to start a FaceBook page to share my journey, and to create a place to gather tips and research for others to use as well. I wanted to start a conversation that wasn't as extreme as the Zero Waste movement, and therefore access a wider audience. I believe if everyone were to make a few small changes, we could start to have a bigger impact than just a select group doing it all. I believe attitudes are shifting and if we can educate people to help them understand simple ways they can achieve a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, we could make a really incredible shift in habits. 


The next stage of the plan is to host a local event to bring more people on this journey with me.  If I can hold an event that provides workshops, demonstrations and products to equip my local community with the tools and skills they need to make their living habits more sustainable for the future of the environment, I feel I can achieve more tangible results. 


Below is the first draft of the areas I'd like to cover at the event. The focus is on the reduction of household waste and the use of plastic, however, I would also like to incorporate the idea that this can be financially beneficial for those living on smaller budgets, like myself.


Toiletries & Cleaning products

Home products - reusable alternatives to disposable versions

Veg box delivery/Organic Farm produce

Clothes swap & Book swap stations

Veg/Fruit plants and seeds 

Recycling information - Local Authority


Bread making 

Growing food

Reducing food waste

Mending instead of replacing

Reusing and up cycling


I have the time, passion and skills to facilitate this event, but what I don't have are the funds it requires to make it happen. At this stage I need £900 to cover the cost of the venue hire, local marketing, presentation materials and event collateral. 

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