Sustainable Cumuruxatiba - An Integrated Community

WE MADE IT!! Sustainable Cumuruxatiba has been funded!


We have the best news ever - we made it! We have received a great £4,070 for the three projects in Cumuruxatiba! A GIGANTIC THANK YOU to you all, as you are all the reason that Curumim Batuke, Capoeira Abadá and Vila Escola Projeto da Gente will be able to continue their amazing work with the community of Cumuruxatiba. It has been a mega-busy last few days for me, so I am only relaying the message to the projects in Cumuru today, but it goes without saying that they will be over the moon to hear that we have reached our target. If I was in Brazil I would film some reaction shots for you! I will sure keep you all updated! If I could afford to get you all a ticket out to Brasil to see these great projects then I would!! Hopefully this campaign has planted a seed in your mind to travel yourselves to Cumuruxatiba, Bahia - the community would be more than happy to see you!

Once again, thank you so much - I'm sure you all know how much of a difference your donations make to a small village like Cumuruxatiba.

Forever grateful,

Safaa and Max xxx

YES!! We got to 50%!!!!


A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us now reach 50% of our target, a grand £2,000. That money itself could go so far for the 3 proects in Cumuru (it equates to almost R$7,500). However, WE NEED TO GET £4,000!!! I know we only have 11 days left, but please keep spreading the word and the seemingly-impossible may become possible! MAGIC WILL HAPPEN! Once again, thank you so much. MUITO MUITO OBRIGADA AO TODOS!! 

Saf and Max xxx

An event of gratitude for collaborators and donators


At the end of April Curumim Batuke, together with Capoeira Abadá, put on a show in the village to thank all of the people and groups who have collaborated and helped in one way or another over the past year. In a sense, the good thing about the projects relying on the kindness and generosity of their [local and global] community is that it has brought the community together with work, learning and celebrations being shared. 

By pledging your money to Curumim Batuke, Capoeira Abadá and Vila Escola Projeto da Gente, you are becoming part of this community - even if it may be just virutally right now, you are always welcome to visit in person!!!

Here are some photos from the event:

Curumim Batuke playing in the village squareLarge percussion group grooving!Afro-Brazilian danceAfro-Brazilian Dance

The regular activities of the projects that you can help maintain!


Hello all!

I would like to update you on something that is not so much new, but more the great continuous work that Curumim Batuke, Capoeira Abadá and Vila Escola Projeto da Gente do with the youth and wider community of Cumuru. It is these kinds of activities that will have to be cut back if they can't be financially sustained!

Curumim Batuke has regular rehearsals on Sundays from 17h to 19h, which are often followed by a talking circles for the participants

Capoeira Abadá have regular classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 17h to 21h, with different classes for various age groups.

Vila Escola Projeto da Gente is open from Monday to Friday, with a wide range of activities running through school hours, ranging from arts and crafts to literature, from theatre to construction. 

Remember to click on the links in the 'Projects' section of the main page to visit the Facebook pages of each project! Sorry if you don't read Portuguese...but the photos are great!

Um evento de collaboração em Julho - que precisa sua ajuda!


No mes de Julho o abada capoeira com apoio dos outros grupos e de outras pessoas iram realizar um novo festival com o tema de Festival cultural no qual irá envolver tema da cultura Brasileira como a capoeira, a dança, o jongo, a musica, as comidas e diversas representações artitisticas. Por favor ajuda o sucesso desse evento com seu apoio financeiro!

Muito obrigado,

Safaa e Max

Great collaboration event coming up! Make it even better with your donation!


The capoeira group Abadá Capoeira Cumuruxatiba are organising an exciting event for July! With the support of Vila Escola Projeto de Gente and Curumim Batuke they will create a Cultural Festival for the village, which will showcase much of traditional Brazilian culture such as capoeira, dance, games, music, food and a diverse range of other artistic representations. Please help the sucess of this event and ensure it reaches more people with your financial support!

Many thanks,

Safaa and Max

Woohoo! Conseguimos £500 (R$1,870)!!


MUITO OBRIGADA ao todo mundo que nos ajudaram a chegar a R$1870 já! Se você deu centavos ou muitos reais, vocês todos fizeram contribuações importantes pra fazer esse projeto funcionar e ter sucesso. A gente ainda tem um caminho muito longe para chegar até £4,000 (R$15,000), mas com seu apoio contínuo de espalhar o projeto e com mais doações generosas a gente vai conseguir!!! Já estou sonhando com todas as coisas incríveis que a Capoeira Abadá, Vila Escola Projeto de Gente e Curumim Batuke podem fazer com esse dinheiro. CONTINUE ESPALHANDO O PROJETO E CONTINUE DOANDO!! Beijos, Safaa e Max

Woohoo! We've reached £500! Just 7/8s to go!!!


THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that has helped us reach £500 until now. Whether you gave pennies or lots of pounds, you are made vital contributions to this project working. I know we still have a long way to go, but with your continued help in spreading the project and some more generous donations we can make it!! I'm already dreaming about all the amazing things Capoeira Abada, Vila Escola Projeto de Gente and Curumim Batuke could do with this money. KEEP SPREADING THE MESSAGE AND KEEP DONATING! Love Safaa and Max

We've reached the vital 10%! Thank you and keep going!


Can I just say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged so far. It means so much that you have faith in us that we will reach our target. And over and above the rewards that we send to you, the reward of seeing what these projects can do with this money will be invaluable. Keeping spreading it around your friends - the more they see that everyone else is giving, the more they will feel silly for not giving! THANKS AGAIN!! Safaa and Max x

Aqui é um exemplo de o que esses projetos consegium fazers com seu apoio finaceiro


Em reconhecimento as atividades socio-culturais desempenhadas pelo Curumim Batuke que o mesmo foi contemplado pela FUNCEB (Fundação Cultural do Estado da Bahia) no Calendário das Artes 2012 para desenvolver construção de instrumentos e oficina de percussão no valor de R$ 10.000. Com esse apoio o grupo ampliou seus conhecimentos musicais com mestres do Ilê Aiyê e resolveu o problema de falta de instrumentos. Acoes como essa dao suporte para os projetos se manterem vivos e mostram como seu dinheiro pode ajudar muito. AJUDE POR FAVOR!

Here is an example of what these projects can do with generous and much needed donations


In recognition of the socio-cultural activities performed by Curumim Batuke, in 2012 FUNCEB (Cultural Foundation of the State of Bahia) decided to award Curumim Batuke R$10,000 reais (about £2,500) to develop the construction of instruments and hold percussion workshop. With this support the group has expanded their musical knowledge, including with the help of the well-know band from Salvador, Ilê Aiyê, and they have solved the problem lacking instruments. Financial support like this helps the projects stay alive and shows how far your money can go. PLEASE HELP!

£270 is great! But let's get to that £4,000!


Hello all, and a HUGE HUGE thank you to those of you who have donated already!! You really are the reason we got off the ground at the beginning. However, we have been stuck at £270 for a while, so we really need your continued support to keep spreading the message! Send to your friends, family, co-workers, social groups, school, gym, neighbours, community,....everyone!! And watch this space for updates on how the projects are to come! THANK YOU!!!

Olá pessoal! MUITO MUITO obrigada para quem já doou para o projeto. Vocês são a razão que a gente conseguiu começar bem! Porém, a gente está parada em £270 por um tempo agora, precisamos seu apoio de espalhar o link e falar do projeto pra todo mundo! Seus amigos, família, colegas, escola, academia, vizinhos, comunidade.....todo mundo!!! E fica atento aí por mais notícias dos projetos, o que eles estão fazendo e fotos dos eventos deles! OBRIGADA!!!

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