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BOM, a social enterprise proposing sustainable culinary activities, has been hardly hit by COVID-19. Help us during this difficult time.

by BOM (Spring in Korean) in London, England, United Kingdom

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of British small businesses, making it very difficult for businesses, including us, to survive.


BOM is a social enterprise that creates culinary activities for corporate teams and private groups: catering, team building activities, cooking classes. It is all about cooking and eating food that is healthier and more kind to the environment. We focus on creating delicious, flavourful plant-centric meals (meaning not 100% plants, we use eggs, dairy products and can use fish or meat stock) using a fresh array of herbs, spices, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. 




BOM was created purely out of passion to inspire people to transition into a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, and to employ women from underprivileged backgrounds in a nurturing working environment. 



''Adapt and Overcome Adversity''

We were set up only in September 2019. Early 2020, we managed to get major contracts with corporates and were starting to get more visibility. However by March, all contracts were cancelled and we could no longer provide employment to the women we helped. 



Despite cancellation of our contracts, we still need to pay storage space in our kitchen in Bermondsey and other costs. We have not been in a position to employ our most vulnerable female chefs in Brent and therefore provide them with work. Some or them are mothers with young children, still with limited support. 

Your funding will allow us to face our fixed costs but will also help up to pivot the business to adapt to the market conditions and to impact event more people. In a way, this pandemic forces us to rethink the business concept and see how we can strengthen our core values and make them more visible to the public. 

It is all about sustainability for health, employment and the environment. 


Your funding will help us to continue to operate and to pivot the business to create more impact. 

On a very short term, we will:

>> create a training program for vulnerable women from Brent to work in a commercial kitchen and why not teaching their own cuisine. They are fabulous homecooks but need to learn how to cook in a large scale. 

>> build a new offer for corporate teams that would suit remote teams. 

>> propose more classes to local residents in Brent


We offer gift vouchers which are valid for zoom classes or physical classes when BOM is back up and running. Please connect with us on our website and subscribe to the newsletter to or contact us at [email protected] to make your booking!


We can not thank you enough for supporting us to help us go through this challenging time. 


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