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End of More desires to create a sustainable clothing brand, as the first step toward a sustainable lifestyle.

by End Of More in London, England, United Kingdom

Work can be stressful, but clothing cannot. Nothing better than wear something warm, comfortable and sustainable to solve the world crisis.

End of More creates sustainable textile products, which is comfortable, durable, promoting gender equality and most importantly is eco-visionary.

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What is sustainability?

  • Consume and use what is necessary to meet our needs.
  • Spare nature enough for regenerating for our future.

What is a sustainable lifestyle?

  • Products and services that we use should achieve closed-to-zero negative impacts on the environment.
  • Consume consciously, rationally and responsibly what nature provides us.
  • Reduce necessary waste, recycle actively and correctly, and reuse whenever possible.

To be sustainable, what challenges humans are facing:

  • Humans seem to have difficulty in appreciating what nature offers because most of the things are seen to come easily.
  • Humans seem to easily consume irrationally because companies show the beautiful surface to attract us but hide the dark sides.
  • Humans seem not to care enough for our living environment which can affect other species on earth because urban life makes us live in a bubble.

What problems End of More tries to improve with our garment product:

  • Durability:  we use sport wearing design construction and extra strong cotton thread. With our easy handling wash care instruction, our garment will keep in good shape for a long time, such as no wrinkled collar. Also, The product offers higher value to price compared to a similar product.
  • Comfort: high-quality breathable knit design with spongy feel make you feel warm and cosy, perfect for loungewear and suitable for indoor exercises. Comfy and functional offer our customer's multiple purposes - active or relaxing - it is your choice.
  • Eco-visionary: By using only one type of material to make the garments 100% pure cotton (main fabric organic cotton with GOTS certified + thread and labels normal cotton), our garment will be easy for recycle, upcycle, reuse or redesign in its afterlife. Additionally, we use no dye and no harmful chemicals. We aim to make our garment as natural and original as possible from the raw material. You are doing something good for the environment and society.
  • Gender equality: we promote gender equality so we do not separate our garments into male and female sessions. No matter who you are, you will look amazing with End of more's garments.


The durability makes End of More’s product have a longer lifecycle, so you will create less waste compared to a similar type of products. Focusing comfort means that you can wear it any time as you like. Eco-friendly is essential for a sustainable lifestyle and the product is designed to be as little negative impact as possible from the beginning to the end of the product lifecycle.

Who creates End of More?

Ling Liying Yang, product designer, she is Founder and Director of UK CreativeLab™️  and has worked in the global fashion industry for over 10 years in a variety of roles including Independent Designer, Creative Director, Fashion Multi-Category Buyer. She has received a Master's degree in Fashion from The University of the Arts London. With her true passion for design research and development, she is very dedicated to sustainable fashion. 

Wunkit Lu, a "balance of nature" believer with a mixed background of risk psychology, IT mindset and an MBA degree. He is always up for challenges to do something wonderful and meaningful in his life. Now he cannot stand the current businesses doing so little and so slow to make our living and environment sustainable. Hence, he dedicated his post-MBA life to promote and embrace sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles. 

Tibor Skyva, a luxury fashion professional with 17 years of experiences, has seen loads of non-sustainable products and services dumping to customers. He is seriously concerned about our planet's future and the huge negative impact of the clothing industry with the current shopping habits! Having in-depth technical knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes, he drives to offer a better choice to those who feel the same way.

Final words:

By supporting the End of More product, 

  • first, you support sustainability and want to be a part of the sustainable lifestyle. 
  • second, End of More will be 100% transparent of product environment facts. Even the current version of the product is imperfect, the enterprise will continue to search for better solutions to fit the sustainable lifestyle. 
  • Finally, using the products means that you, as a consumer, care about nature and appreciate what nature naturally offers us. End of More will like to hear about your ideas about how to have a sustainable lifestyle and ideas to make better sustainable products.

End of More’s vision:

  • We are on the mission to create a more sustainable lifestyle for everyone.
  • We desire to end of using harmful chemicals, to end of using unnecessary processes and to end of creating excessive wastes.
  • We drive to bring positive impacts to our society and environment.

The primary use of the money they raise:

  • marketing and promote sustainability and sustainable lifestyle
  • research for the next version of a sustainable product.

Information about the products: 

Long & Short-sleeve T-shirts & indoor trousers:

  • Made of 100% organic cotton fabric (fabric certified by Global Organic Textile Standard - GOTS). The final sewing threads use normal cotton. 
  • No dyed, no harmful chemical used, no unnecessary process.
  • The following photos are the current prototype version. The final product might be slightly different.
  • The products will be ready before Christmas.
  • We use the plastic-free package, everything is recyclable and eco-friendly.




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