Sushi Weds Burritos

by Kayleigh in Hayes, England, United Kingdom

Sushi Weds Burritos
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A Mexican/Japanese fusion of healthy street food (vegan options included) which is exciting, vibrant and easily accessible to all daily!

by Kayleigh in Hayes, England, United Kingdom

Whilst working in retail for 5 years in various customer facing roles - I sometimes don’t have the time to bring something with me whilst on my lunch break and due to not many types of cuisine in certain areas, serving easily accessible freshly made street food which crosses some crowd pleasing Mexican and Japanese favourites, will bring a new exciting energy back into the market and will be a unique experience for all!

Customers can get the choice to customise their order, having sushi Burritos the main type of food served and made the side attraction with complimentary sides! 

Due to facing my own share of financial issues in the past, I want to make this street food stall/shop affordable to the general public, that offers enough options to cater to everyone’s dietary needs too! 

I want this new business to also be able to donate to local charities in need and be able to reduce their food waste by donating unwanted produce at the end of the day to homeless shelters! 

My business will support women with the ability to improve their skill set, feel fulfilled and have the confidence to give back to their community in a fun woman energised team!

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