To continue making our Documentary-series on Child abuse

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Good morning, afternoon, or evening wherever you may be.

My name is Jack Cubitt, I'm a 24 year old SOAS graduate from England and I'm directing a Documentary-Series called Survivor which is about child abuse.

With the help of my friends and co-workers; Oli Cross, Samuel Haskell, and Thomas Moen, we are working really hard to travel up and down the UK to film people's unique stories, ranging from Psychologists, Support Group Leaders, Priests, Policemen, and many more to try and understand the spectrum of child abuse in an empathic and grounded manner.

The statistics which range from 1/4 to 1/6 state that this many people in the UK, are affected by severe, repeated abuse in their childhood. This can range from physical, to emotional, to sexual abuse.  As a team, we have not found anything close to what we would consider a comprehensive look at child abuse. Here in the West, there's the odd release by Louis Theroux, or some Channel 4 short, as well as of course the reactionary interviews of when another abuse scandal is leaked. But there is nothing that we can say that's out there that we have seen which gives a detailed examination of what child abuse is, especially from the perspective of the one's abused. Nobody wants to touch it, and we live in 2017, and  we have all of these technological advancements, but as a collective, the world is still in a very primitive mental state. The same picture still hangs, but it's merely on a nicer frame now.

As a team, we have filmed over 150 hours worth of footage so far, this is currently being condensed down into an episodic structure, with important footage being archived for educational purposes that we will send to those who want it post-release. We have all put our own time and money into this film project because we care so passionately about it. But we have not finished our filming journey yet. The vast-scale of abuse, and the many interlinking factors which tie the whole problem together need to be looked at in order to give the topic of child abuse the respect and spotlight it deserves.

We need the support of anyone who is able to give us a hand, whether it is £1 or £100, your contribution to this important cause will go a long way. Anyone who supports this cause will be named in our ending credits, and you will know that you've been a part of something real, that society needs to see, and something that our government and the powers that be need to act upon. Because, from the footage that we have gotten so far, we have clearly seen that as a collective, we have not done enough to safeguard and protect children, despite the relevant governing bodies that have been put in place over the years. 

If you have any questions, or would like to get in contact with us about anything involving the film, then please email us at

Have a great day, from all of us!