Survival Gear for the Survival of ME

by Kenny Quinn Alesana in Romsley, England, United Kingdom

Survival Gear for the Survival of ME
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The money will help me to survive for the forseeable future in the nature and all it's environment - i will be living off of my surrounding

by Kenny Quinn Alesana in Romsley, England, United Kingdom

My name's Kenny - born Kenneth but i like Kenny. 

I am 25 years old and have recently became redundant - i am looking for funds to purchase a tent, sleeping bag and survival kits I.E; first aid kit, sewing kit, lanterns, backpack. 

I have been homeless before but obviously i was younger and didn't last long and went into the route of selling my body for a place to stay. I don't want to go round that route this time round. I have a whole life story that's obviously too big too upload here. But if you want to help out or can help out in terms of giving me gear items or want to advise me on what to do - then you can reach out to my email address

Thank you :) 

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