Little help to a sickly pregnancy

Little help to a sickly pregnancy

Raising money to pay-off and help fiancee pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello, my name is Kenny. 

I am hoping to ask for support more than ever. I currently have no income ever since I left my family house to live with my fiancee, since they do not accept her and i am making my very own choice as an independent adult. . My fiancee who is 9 weeks pregnant who is currently struggling the pregnancy period as she have eclampsia. She is currently experience severe morning sickness and dizziness, the GP have mention to be calm and do not stress out with any situation that triggers it. It is very hard at the moment in helping out my fiancee pregnancy period, as I am making sure she stays relax during this period.

I have maxed out my overdraft on my bank acount and now currently on unplanned overdraft and owing the bank up to £350 as this payment was for the rent. I have also got car arrears to pay as following. I still do not have enough money for the following month and ask for your kind assistance to help me.

The money will help me to pay-off the sufficient amount that is outstanding.

I hope you understand the circumstances, and I am hoping each day she gets better.

I apperciate your support and are grateful for your time to read my story.

Thank you!