Support Luke in France

Support Luke in France

Help with raising money to bring my boyfriend home from France who is in a critical condition, and for me to be able to stay here with him.

We did it!

On 11th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £645 of £400 target with 33 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

because we are not sure how long luke is going to be in France any additional money will go to his hospital bed fees and to hep his family with any additional cost, so there is that one less thing to stress about.

Project aim

To raise money to ensure that when Luke is well enough to travel we can bring him home as soon as possible.

About the project

Hi, my names maricka and i'm raising money to bring my boyfriend home from France who is in a critical condition, and for me to be able to stay out here with him as long as possible so he isn't here alone.

On our way home from our holiday, travelling back to calais to get our ferry back to England we had a terrible car accident due to the very high winds that day. Luke was taken to hospital because he had a head injury from hitting it on something during the crash. ( we are unsure what this was as he had his seat belt on.) But because of the amount of pressure bulding on his brain it was seen best to put him into a coma so his body could rest and try to relieve the pressure. And we were told they would try and wake him up in a few days and see how much damage there was. However this was not the case, its been 12 days now since he was first put to sleep and he's already had 2 major operations on his head because of bleeding and there being too much pressure on his brain. The doctors have had to remove part of the left side of his scull to help reduce the pressure and we are told he could be kept asleep for aslong as 2 months.

He isn't able to travel home untill he is awake because it is too dangerous. I have been staying here in Aimens where some family has come to be with him. But we are going to have to leave soon as we just cannot afford to support ourselves out here and keep Luke in hospital which is cost £20 per night, without the additional treatment and operation bills. Its so hard with him being out of the country. Thats why we want to make sure that the second he is well enough to come home we can get him home!I know the doctors and nurses in France are doing all they can for him and i thank them. But the road to recovery is going to be long and tough and everyone knows being home is the best place for you,

An ambulance will cost £3000 to £5000, and then there are the other expenses of his hospital bed and being able to be in France with him. I understand that this is a lot to ask and that we might not get the full total but every little bit helps take away some of the stress from his family and me.

If you know Luke personally then you know how much of a diamond he is. And i know you are showing your support, But for those of you who do not know Luke i ask you to help us help and support our friend.

Thankyou for taking your time to listen to me.and many thanks for all your help so far .


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