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by Ehimen Caesar in London, England, United Kingdom

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Helps us achieve £10,000. - Providing free community meals - Babywear, womenswear and essentials I.e socks, underwear.

by Ehimen Caesar in London, England, United Kingdom

The idea of mindstate, started as state of mind in 2014, making many different logos and designs during a 4 year process.Fast forward to 2018, I believed I'd found the right design until it was suggested by a close friend why don't you name it mindstate rather than state of mind. That's how mindstate came 5 years after the original idea and began the journey as an independent brand and began invested my capital as I believed in the brand and the vision.

Mindstate means a lot to me as it about dictating who you are. I personally have been through a lot of up and downs in different elements of my life, however it's about choosing to have the right mindstate to keep pushing , not giving, and to keep striving by dictating who you are. I am now 28 and starting this brand on my own hasn't been easy especially due to capital as a solo Investor but it has been alot of fun and wouldn't change this journey of trying to be the black owned Nike and know we can reach this goal together.

The vision is to provide premium high-end quality clothes with the feel and sense of empowerment, hence why the mind is underlined in red. I have the vision to be as

Mindstate will use the money raised to start up other categories of clothing so that they are more options for the consumer and to help have diverse choices. These categories will be babywear, womenswear, and essentials such as underwear and socks.

Also, through this support mindstate will use the funds raise to provide weekly free meals to those during covid 19 and be providing free babywear and essentials clothes to those in the community.

I will personally be helpful to each donation as it will be part of making a change ✊✊????✊????✊????✊????✊????♥️♥️♥️


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