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Supporting Young People's Wellbeing in Norfolk

by Embrace PFC CIC in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 21st September 2021 we successfully raised £4,790 with 191 supporters in 42 days

To provide 121 coaching for young people in Norfolk who are struggling with their mental health & wellbeing which has increased due to Covid

by Embrace PFC CIC in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The more funds we can raise, the more young people we are able to support to change their futures, overcome the social anxiety and challenges they are facing and strive for the future they want and deserve.  

Embrace: People – Futures – Change is a social enterprise based in East Anglia supporting people in our community primarily through coaching, but also ongoing support, mentoring and signposting. We strongly believe that everyone deserves a chance to shine and to have the future they want and deserve. We have the strap line ‘Supporting you to become the best version of you’, with the main aim to support people who are perceived to be or feel marginalised or disadvantaged within the community to be the best they can be.

Embrace was founded in 2015 by Emma Roache, who started her working career at Aviva, although it was Norwich Union in those days! Having lived a challenging life including, growing up in an abusive home, being made homeless at age of 16 through no fault of her own, and later experiencing an abusive relationship, Emma has a level of empathy and compassion which cannot be taught. Using her passion and drive to turn her adversity into a positive through Embrace, she is able to support others and enable and empower them to live the life they deserve. As Project Lead, Emma has worked helping people for over 13 years. She is qualified level 3 in Information Advice and Guidance and in Health and Social Care and has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Combined Social Sciences with Criminology along with being a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. 

We are noticing that young people’s mental health is increasingly being negatively impacted by the pandemic without the support they need being available due to the increased demand.  Increased social anxiety, loss of confidence and self-esteem and the uncertainty for the future, including whether or not exams will go ahead, what will happen with future prospects and so on is causing huge anxiety for many young people.  Along with the isolation and lack of social interaction which is also having a real impact on the wellbeing of our young people.

We have a proven record of supporting young people to increase confidence and self-esteem, to manage and overcome social anxiety and help to build and develop coping strategies and techniques to help cope with and overcome these challenges.  We can help these young people to 'build back better' in terms of growing in confidence and self-esteem, empowering them to overcome the social anxieties created due to the pandemic and to believe that there is a future for them, that they can plan for a future they want and deserve, to find a clear direction, to continue learning or move into employment which will help them to create a future which they currently feel is so uncertain.

The support we provide is bespoke for each individual and offers a person-centred approach, because each persons experiences and needs are different. The fact our founder and project lead, Emma, has lived the experience of many of the things she supports people on makes a real difference to the people we support, along with her extensive training and experience. The results we get are huge and they are sustainable long term. People we work with tell us that they had almost given up finding ways to be different, to be happier, to overcome challenges and so on. 

Supporting our young people now will positively impact their whole future meaning they are able to fully participate within society which benefits them and their community.  The young people who work with us like the fact that our founder Emma has also been through challenges in her teens/early adulthood, it gives them a sense of being understood and heard without judgement, meaning they connect, open up and engage more, finding inspiration in the fact that Emma has done it for herself.  

We already work with several local colleges and partner agencies in Norfolk, but need additional funds and support to continue our work, you can read a little more about our outcomes here.

With your help we can support young people to increase their confidence, self-esteem and self-belief which are essential to be able to build the future they deserve and their ability to live a full and happy life where they can fully participate in society.

 The specific areas we will focus on:

  • Build and increase confidence, self-esteem, motivation and self-belief 
  • Find ways to manage and overcome their social anxiety and reduce isolation
  • Supporting the young people to identify opportunities for them to progress and create the future they want and deserve
  • Build upon visions and hope and dreams for the future - breaking these down into achievable steps to move towards their goal
  • We will bring them challenge, in a constructive way and hold them accountable

Some feedback we have received:

'It's been really good, really helpful.  You've been really understanding and challenging in a good way.'

'I am now who I wanted to be'

'Emma is amazing! The most I have felt supported by a professional in a long time! She really listened and understood. Thank you so much! Hopefully see her again in the future even if only to reflect on my progress since our sessions.’ 

'Everything is a lot clearer, I can see things about myself better, and strip everything down and see where I am now and where I am going.'

'I’m now more confident and I now see things in a different and more positive perspective’ 

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