Supporting the English Labour Network

by English Labour Network in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

Supporting the English Labour Network


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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by January 28th 2019 at 7:13pm

To be a strong voice for Labour in England and England in Labour in 2019, we need your support. Please help fund our campaigns and events!

by English Labour Network in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

The English Labour Network needs to raise £3000 to continue our ambitious programme of campaigning meetings, briefings, and lobbying that are all designed to help Labour win in England. We have been promised £1500 IF we can raise £1500 from our supporters.

Please donate today to support our cause!


Labour is struggling to win support in England outside of the major cities, particularly from older, working class voters who often have a strong sense of regional and English national identity. Many feel a sense of powerlessness and that ‘politicians don't stand up for people like me' (which is why some found ’take back control’ attractive in the EU referendum).

These voters will decide the key constituencies Labour must win. Labour cannot win a majority without their support, and neither should it seek to. That's why the English Labour Network is campaigning for an English Labour Manifesto - to show that our party has a positive vision for England. We are also running a series of events across the country to build our network and spread the message among Labour's grassroots.

Again, please donate generously and help us make sure that Labour speaks to England and England chooses Labour!

Let's make 'Supporting the English Labour Network' happen