Supporting The Blurt Foundation

by Emma Cobbold in London, England, United Kingdom

Supporting The Blurt Foundation
We did it
On 19th September 2019 we successfully raised £80 with 6 supporters in 28 days

To make sure The Blurt Foundation can continue supporting people just like me with their mental health.

I would be forever grateful if anyone is able to join me in supporting The Blurt Foundation to make sure it can continue to help people just like me.

Earlier this year I was signed off work for the first time in my life because of my mental health. Something in my personal life had caused a ripple effect in my life so monumental my mental health reached a tipping point and I was no longer able to cope. All those months of my 'just keep swimming' mentality as I was new in my role finally resulted in the inevitable realisation that I was actually sinking.

After taking some time off poorly, I arrived back to work feeling terrified about what my colleagues would think of me and how they would act. But when I finally mustered the courage and got to my desk a glorious package was waiting for me. It was my first ever 'Buddy Box' from The Blurt Foundation, sent to me by a wonderful colleague who knew about the amazingness of Blurt. I can't put in to words how such a small act of kindness made such a difference. Inside was a range of self care products and goodies that gave me the permission to take time for me.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety and this is something that I manage on a daily basis. The Blurt Foundation provide invaluable resources to people who affected by depression and a range of other mental health issues. They also provide invaluable resources for friends and family supporting those with mental ill health. It is a life line for many and would be a disaster if it no longer existed.

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