Supporting Schools To Support Teenagers

by steven murad britton in Derby, England, United Kingdom


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Inspiring teens with behavioral, emotional and social difficulties, working on personal education projects that motivate interest to learn.

by steven murad britton in Derby, England, United Kingdom

7 months ago I started as a supply teacher to supplement an income whilst slowly building my new business 'confidence coach for women' 

Whilst working at several schools I could see that there were a number of young adults, teenagers, that lacked interest in any or all of their subjects. When I spoke individually to these students, I found it just came down to personal inspiration or lack of it. Most were just clock watching wishing the time away until they can leave school. This resonated so much with me as I to faced the same challenge when I attended school. I was 19 when I finally found my path and was inspired to embark on a successful career journey. Many who leave school now might not be so lucky and they carry with them self doubt, a lack of confidence to strive for better, resulting in low self-esteem and easily being influenced by negative groups or individuals.

My vision is to give the teenager the opportunity to fully explore what the world has to offer by self-assessing and then focusing on activities that spark interest and belief in a bright future. Finally, this young adult will go out in the community to contribute to society, my optimistic future for everyone.

The funds are directly used for Assessing, teaching/coaching individuals and group, including, career advise.

Already one teenager with challenging behavior has already benefited. by embarking on a new learning programme which has sparked his interest and wanting to learn.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Purchase Book For Student Chosen Subject

The student will receive his/her book on their own chosen subjects, e.g. sports leadership coaching, medical & first aid, mechanical motor engines, etc.

£25 or more

Full Assessment & Career Advise For 1 Person

Help and support as many individuals as possible. This reward will help 1 child to have a better vision of what they can achieve and feel inspired to seek it.

£70 or more

To support me, the teacher and coach for the day

financially supporting me on a daily basis

Let's make 'Supporting Schools To Support Teenagers' happen

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