Supporting Migrant Domestic Workers in Morocco

Supporting Migrant Domestic Workers in Morocco

This appeal is seeking to raise £15,000 to support migrant domestic workers in Morocco.

We did it!

On 5th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 28 days

This appeal seeks to raise £15,000 to support Association Maroc Culture who are supporting Migrant Domestic Workers in Morocco.

Afrique Culture Maroc (ACM) is a Moroccan civil society organisation established by migrants who live and work in Morocco to advocate for better rights. With the support of several other local and international organisations, ACM was instrumental in campaigning for a 2014 moratorium implemented by the government of Morocco that allowed undocumented migrants to legal registration. ACM went further, conducting outreach to thousands of undocumented migrants across the Kingdom of Morocco, and supported them through the registration formalities. In so doing, ACM developed a strong relationship with the Moroccoan government's Ministry of Migration Affairs, who then supported ACM in running a migrant-worker support programme that allowed former undocumented and now registered migrants to gain valuable employment skills.

Registered migrant receiving their training diplomasTraining migrants to be care assistants

 ACM is now engaged in providing support to migrant workers in Morocco who are working as domestic workers. This intiative is vitally important to improve the rights of all domestic workers in Morocco - both nationals and migrants. It will play an important role in improving the protections of vulnerable workers - especially those who have been victims of human trafficking. ACM has received core funding for this project from the EU, and  - in line with common grant practice - needs to raise 10% of the grant.

Please help support this important initiative! For more information about ACM, please visit

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