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Supporting children - building futures

by Stars and Sparkles Foundation in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 16th December 2020 we successfully raised £818 with 31 supporters in 36 days

To enable the implementation of a digital platform supporting families with young children with home learning and well-being initiatives

by Stars and Sparkles Foundation in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom


Our Project

“Supporting children – building futures“  is focused on enabling parents to develop their own knowledge and skills and become emotionally aware of their young children’s behavioural patterns and early learning needs. 1604482578_1604482577176.png

Why its important

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted on young children’s well-being and emotional literacy, with parents increasingly reporting difficulties with their children’s behaviour and in some cases regression in social, emotional and physical development. We know that 2020 has been a tough time for young families, uncertainties around health and financial security has affected everyone and our youngest children are now growing up in a very different world. Families are experiencing increasing stress and the impact of this is also having a significant impact on our under 5's. Many families feel isolated and do not know where or how to get the help they need, having easy access to information specifically tailored to young children's needs has never been more important.

As a result of the pandemic many children are missing out on vital early learning, with many families unable to return to childcare provision they are unsure of how to support their child’s learning in the home environment. Access to early learning opportunities is incredibly important for a child’s future educational attainment with early language, communication skills and literacy development a key priority. Families are young children's best educators, playing and learning in a secure and loving family environment is the perfect start for our youngest children, but many parents worry that they are not doing enough or are not equipped to help their children learn. We want to help by providing easy to access early learning ideas which are fun and engaging for the whole family. 1604482707_aviva_-_kim_2.jpg

We believe access to early learning, wellbeing tips and information on children's developmental progress through a simple digital platform when and as they need it, can remove some of the worries and stress from young families lives. 


Why we think this will really work for families

We know that accessing information is time-consuming for young families. Arranging appointments while juggling childcare needs, searching for information or advice lines when you really just have a quick 5 minutes spare, and actually making that step to ask for help can be extremely stressful. Add the pressures of lockdown and keeping safe during a pandemic to this and we see just how hard it is for families in 2020. However we know that our phones and tablets are a lifeline, sending a quick message, clicking on a link, or just scrolling a page may be all that a family needs and can achieve today. Our digital platform will do just that. Families can scroll our advice pages, click on our learning links, send us a message, or ask a quick question by text. Its that simple. It's convenient and it could be everything needed in that moment. 1604488652_copy_of_supporting_children_-_building_futures_(2).png


What your money will achieve

This funding will enable the Project to support families when they need it most. By providing a digital messaging service to families in Peterborough we will offer home learning ideas and advice; wellbeing support, ideas and opportunities; and child development guidance. There will also be the opportunity to request additional 1-2-1 remote support from an experienced Early Years Educator and qualified children’s mental health support worker. 

The project will target families with young children in Peterborough who have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. This may include vulnerable families who have been unable to return their young children to nursery or preschool, families who have struggled to home school young children while working from home themselves, and families that have seen a significant change in their family circumstances since the pandemic resulting in children missing out on a wealth of experiences that they would normally have been experiencing. 

This project will also support those families who have been personally affected by the virus, who may have lost loved ones through Covid-19 and whose children are struggling with emotional and behavioural issues as a result. 

The project will provide a tailored approach, using all forms of digital communication - text messaging, social media, email and our website enabling families to access information easily and simply, when and wherever they need it. 1604486669_aviva_-_kim_3.jpg1604485586_1604485585882.png

Why we need you

Your support will enable us to start now. Those first early years are critical for a child and with your support we can begin to help families immediately. Everything we raise will go towards the project, in ensuring families across Peterborough are aware of what support is available, in building an early learning knowledge hub, and in sharing mental health and well-being advice and guidance across a digital platform. 

Please help us to support young families now. 


1604485932_1604485931447.pngHow else can I help?

We appreciate every single donation we receive, however we understand that there may be other ways you can help us achieve our project goals:

  • Share our Project across social media - the more people that see our Project the better chance we have of reaching our targets. Please share across social media and tell family, friends and colleagues about us.
  • Contribute tips and advice - if you have experience and expertise in Early Years or in supporting children's mental health and wellbeing and have some ideas to share, please get in touch. Our email is [email protected] and we would love to hear from you
  • Share kindness - you may know someone who is struggling to support their young children. Please either share our Project page or direct them to our website for advice. Thank you.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Donation Reward

Certificate of participation - we recognise the kindness of any donation at this time and we want to thank you for your participation in our Project.

£20 or more

Hall of Fame Reward

Optional entry on our website Hall of Fame - celebrate the success of this Project by appearing on our Hall of Fame. Families supported by the project will see your generous donation and your support will be acknowledged by the Stars and Sparkles Foundation.

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