Help Details Beauty beat the lockdown!

by Details Beauty 60 Long Lane in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Details Beauty beat the lockdown!


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Support our beauty startup survive the aftermath of the lockdown with no grants or rent & rates reductions.

by Details Beauty 60 Long Lane in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello everyone!

Thanks for taking out the time to view our crowd funding page. We don’t say this lightly, it means a lot.

We are details beauty - a premiere beauty salon specialising in nails and waxing treatments. We also offer dried flower arrangements and bouquets for sale. We are situated right next to the Smithfield market and within 10 mins walking distance of St Paul's cathedral.

Our Story:

At the start of the year, Details Beauty—London’s (soon-to-be) premier beauty salon—was well on its way.   We had secured our shop, planned its renovation and were finalizing our products and services.  Our location was (and is) ideal for attracting loyal clientele and carving out our quality-centric niche. 

We were slated to be up and running by Spring—but it seemed the coronavirus had similar plans.  By the time the pandemic hit the UK, and beauty salons were ordered to close throughout London, we were just shy of welcoming our first customers.

Now, five(?) months since the UK first ordered non-essential businesses to lock down, Details Beauty’s brand launch and grand opening remain delayed.

Our lease payments, taxes, municipal rates and bills, however, seem to keep right on schedule.

(Unfortunately, we don’t qualify for any public support as we hadn’t yet started operations when the UK’s lock down began…)

To offset the financial stress of being prohibited from generating income, we’ve dipped (deep) into our reserves and made every possible, non-essential budget cut.

Thankfully, we’ve manoeuvred around major building and service delays to keep our shop’s fit-out on pace, and we’ve implemented sweeping updates to our services and facilities so that we may ensure strict health and safety standards amidst the pandemic.

Finally (and unfortunately), we’re approaching our (absolute) limit…


… So, we are kindly asking for your support!

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Pledge £100 today and we'll reward you with vouchers (transferable) to spend on treatments and/or products (total value £140!) PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATER

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Pledge £50 today and we'll reward you with a "buy 1 for yourself and get 1 free for a friend" details deluxe pedicure with jelly bath! PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATER

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