Support A Veteran with Veterans Brewing

Support A Veteran with Veterans Brewing

Jobs for veterans in the UK’s first craft brewery to be owned by veterans, run by veterans, to support veterans.

We did it!

On 18th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £9,848 with 48 supporters in 68 days

Owned by Veterans, Run by Veterans, Supporting Veterans

A bit about us

We are Alex McDivitt and Tommy Watt, veterans ourselves, we served with the British Army for 22 years and completed operational tours in Northern Ireland, the Balkans and the Middle East.

We want to help other veterans who are perhaps finding it more difficult to integrate into civilian life. Our plan is to train and employ veterans at our brewery, initially in Scotland and then in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as our business expands.

We need your help to raise £30k to start us on that journey to having our own brewery. This money will fund premises and equipment, and training the first of our veterans.

We are currently in talks with the owners of our first proposed location just outside Glasgow. If you back us and give us your financial support, we could be training and employing veterans in our own premises by Spring 2017.

"As veterans, we’re painfully aware of the need to support ex-services personnel who retire or are invalided out into civilian life," said Alex.

"We have an ambitious plan to employ hundreds of veterans across the UK from our base in Scotland. We want to create and develop four brewing and bottling plants, in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, where each plant will support and employ veterans in those regions."

According to Tommy, the future for many veterans is bleak, and the statistics paint a harsh picture of suicides, unemployment, criminal activity . "There were 50 suicides last year, 29 veterans and 21 service personnel and 10% of the UK's prison population is made up of veterans.

"We want to help address these issues and offer support, a lifeline, to veterans and their families."

Alex and Tommy are experienced, committed and down to earth veterans with a vision to support fellow veterans through business. They have made a success since leaving the British Army, but they know from personal experience that it’s hard for ex-servicemen and women to be reintroduced to civvy street after life in the military.

That's why they want to create a business with a military theme that will provide a comfort zone the veterans can relate to; somewhere they know they’ll be understood and where the processes, tasks and day to day activities reflect the lifestyle they’re used to.

Alex and Tommy are asking for your help.

"This is real teamwork, we need to harness your commitment and passion to help our colleagues. We won't give up the fight to support our veterans. We didn't leave our colleagues on the battle ground, we won't leave them now."

Our Veterans beer

Our Veterans  Brewing Golden Ale is a craft beer specifically designed to help raise funds for, and awareness of, the plight of our veterans and the need to generate employment for them.

Tommy said: "We spent a long time planning, brewing, tasting and refining our beer before coming up with what we believe is an exceptional recipe."

The tasting was a lot of fun, and the duo finally settled  Bramling Cross and Williamette hops, brewed with a combination of lager, amber and wheat malts. It’s golden in colour with good head retention and an aroma of soft fruits.

"And it really does tastes delicious, like a malty caramel biscuit with a spicy citrus hop and a lingering crisp apple aftertaste," said Tommy.  "We think it goes really well with Indian food, steak, smoked fish, cheese and even chocolate."

How your pledges will help us

We currently “cuckoo brew”, which means that our beer is brewed and bottled using equipment at someone else’s brewery. We intend to run a working brewery which incorporate our own premises and equipment, so that we can employ and train our veterans to make and sell our beer. But it also means that we can cut costs – we have to pay to have our beer brewed and bottled but with our own equipment we can save that money which will boost our donations to veterans charities and create jobs.

We are currently in talks with the owners of our first proposed location just outside Glasgow. If you back us and give us your financial support, we could be training and employing veterans in our own premises by Spring 2017.

We want you to be a part of this journey with us, so please take a look at the rewards we’re offering:

  • Would you like to receive a Commemorative Medal, struck exclusively for our supporters?
  • Or what about buying some beer as a Christmas present for a loved one?
  • You could even have a case of our beer, every year, for life.
  • If have a bigger budget, what about one of our money usually can't buy military experiences?
  • Or why not become a Veterans’ Ambassador? You could sponsor the salary of a veteran and help them get their first civilian job.

 Please spend some time choosing a reward, either for yourself or as a gift for Christmas - either way, you a making a crucial difference to the future of a veteran and their family.

Please help Tommy and Alex to  help our veterans

"Our veterans have put their lives on the line for us. They’ve sacrificed family life for us, missed out on the birth of their children, the death of a parent, to serve their country, said Alex.

"Let’s do something for them – let’s fund Veterans Brewing and help to build a business which will  improve the lives of our veterans and their families."

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