Support your local Labour Party

Support your local  Labour Party

We need to raise funds to support our Labour Parliamentary Candidate in his campaign to become our local MP

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In the Labour Party, we are battling the might of the media who influence the opinions of the voting public on a daily basis by spinning facts into fallacy and ignoring any details which could impact negatively on their bias against Jeremy Corbn in particular and the Labour Party in general. We need to redress this negative balance  in order to support our parlimentary candidate; we also  need a platform from which to broadcast our message to our local communities who feel ignored and left behind by Westminster.

To acheive this we need to start fundraising in order to buy campaign materials, we are also considering purchasing a printing press in the future so that we can print out our newletters to raise awareness of issues as well as festivals and celebrations in our community.

If you like our policies and pledges and  are able to make a contribtion, however small, you will be playing your part in rebuilding our nation, brick by brick.

Terms & Conditions

South Holland and the Deepings CLP may contact you using the information you supply. Donations to meet the costs of candidate election expenses are regulated by the Representation of the People Act 1983. By making a donation to this campaign I understand and accept the following: If I am making a donation of more than £50, checks will be made to ensure my name is included on a UK electoral register (excluding the Isle of Man and Channel Islands). My name and the amount I have donated will be included in the candidate return submitted after the election. This information will be available for public inspection on request, although my home address will not be made public. The money you use to make a donation must be from your own funds. This donation facility is provided for individuals to make donations to the South Holland and The  Deepings Candidate’s campaign. UK companies, limited liability partnerships, trade unions and unincorporated associations may also make donations.

All donations over £500 (in cash or in kind) must be from permissible donors and all donations of over £1500 (in cash or in kind) from a single source in a calender year must be reported to the Electoral Commission, so please reach out to us before proceeding with your donation.