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Welsh Freerun Center needs support for students!

by Frazer Meek in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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Fluidity Freerun Academy needs heating urgently,as well as funds to secure new equipment for our unique parkour/freerunning learning center!

by Frazer Meek in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Fluidity Freerun Academy is based in Cardiff , South Wales and is the largest (and one of the only) parkour/freerunning learning spaces in the UK  - and we need your support to get heating, make repairs , as well as secure funding for tonnes of amazing new equipment for our participants!

A small independent team of freerunners from Wales with 13 years experience with Parkour/Freerunning.  
From performing abroad, working in films, coaching across the UK , stunt doubling and plenty more. Fluidity have been pioneering the sport in Wales since it first hit.  Fluidity focus on grass roots coaching with schools, councils and the community to deliver parkour to all!  We had a dream for over 10 years of opening our own indoor bespoke freerunning center, and that dream is finally a reality - a reality that has now been open for 2 years and is going from strength to strength!

Fluidity Freerun Academy is a 7,000sq ft bespoke parkour and freerunning center, that caters for all ages. An urban playground of wooden platforms, scaffold sections , concrete walls , crash mats , sprung floor and more , its the perfect blend of outdoor training mixed with the perfect equipment to get started or to push yourself!  The Academy is one of the only indoor facilities in the UK , and is getting world wide recognition! 





Learning through play and movement , primarily with disciplines such as parkour/freerunning , tricking , ninja warrior , calisthenics, acrobatics , circus and more!  

With a 7 day timetable of classes , courses, birthday parties, open play as well as community events, music/art nights and all sorts more, we have had thousands of participants through of all ages - our classes go from Toddlers (Little Ninjas) and even senior's , as well as disability groups, pupil referral unit's and now even a girls 

only session.







As we are now fundable , we have applied for a Sports Development Grant through SportWales/SportCardiff which could give us up to £25,000 of funding to spend on new equipment, builds, coach development + training. This will be the first Welsh Sports Development grant to ever be given to a Parkour organisation since the Sports new recognition , which is a huge feat we are deadly excited about - especially as its a grant we were denied in previous years due to the now sports previous status.

This money will revolutionize the Academy , give back to our students and the public who use the space as well as to help us train up more coaches from the next generation of students. These kids who are becoming passionate about leading/coaching in sports , and will be the future of the sport and its progress!
 We work from grass roots , and this is something we are very passionate about nurturing for the scene.

The development grant requires a contribution of 20% (which is roughly £4,000 for what we have applied for). Unfortunately this could present a problem in obtaining the amazing items that we have put onto the funding application.

Equipment that we can get with this funding includes
- AirTrick (see video below)
- Ninja Warrior builds (video below)
- Soft Play Mats , portable coaching equipment
- More parkour developments through the gym (walls , platforms, bars, hand holds,  vaults) 

A huge problem for us the last 2 years has been the winter...  
The building has no heating at all , as well as huge problems with a leaking roof... it has even snowed in here , and it is currently getting freezing cold once again.  
This is a real problem for the parents watching their kids classes , as well as other participants using the space (not to mention the staff)
Heating is incredibly expensive to install and insulate in a warehouse such as this, so we need to raise any funds possible to help go towards fixing this dire problem our community here have.

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As one of the only facilities of its kind in the UK , what we are offering is incredibly unique and unrivaled. With a team of coaches who have been practising the sport and working professionally with it for over a decade, there is no where else that has a space as big as this and can coach the volume of students as we currently are.  This is a massive opportunity for the growth of the sport , as centers like ours will help to develop the sport,nurture its participants , future coaches as well as future athletes/professionals.

Fluidity Freerun Academy has had some of the biggest names in Freerunning down at our jams. On this weekend we had "Joe Scandrett" deliver workshops with our advanced kids  , who has recently clocked 25 million views on his viral video on Facebook. Reviews of the park from top athletes as well as parents on facebook have Fluidity Freerun Academy world wide famous, putting UK and Wales on the map for the freerunning scene worldwide!  Other famous groups such as "Storm" , "Storror" , and even red bull athletes Dom Tomasso have frequented the meetups , and given great reviews.

Joe Scandrett - 25 million views 
Dom Tomasso - Red Bull athlete in Fluidity

We have set up this venture with limited support , and have poured our hearts and souls into it as it is something we truly believe in. Parkour/freerunning has the power to shape and mold individuals in such a positive way , and to see 100's of participants just coming and trying it , having fun and exploring their bodies and minds potential is an incredible force to exude into the world. We have been having an incredible time , but we need support to secure a long and happy future for the Academy and its community here!  The area in Cardiff we are in is an area of deprivation , and the Academy has become a valuable asset for local community , as well as becoming a big part of the UK parkour scene!

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There are plenty of ways to support us , and through Crowdfunder we got an array of amazing offers we can put to you for your support , so check out our rewards section and see how we can scratch each others backs!

Sharing this page and liking our channels is another great way to support us

Securing support from you will help us to make the changes that we cannot do on our own to this amazing facility , and in turn improve this incredible center for all ages into something that can have longevity and a secure home for years and years to come! Its been a great ride so far, but we know its only just begun!

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you soon!
 - The Fluidity Crew! 




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