Say no to racism; support the work of Romano Lav!

by Romano Lav in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Say no to racism; support the work of Romano Lav!
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On 10th December 2019 we successfully raised £1,111 with 53 supporters in 28 days

After the recent vandalism of the Roma Holocaust memorial, we are raising funds to challenge discrimination and promote equality for Roma.

by Romano Lav in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Say no to racism, support the work of Romano Lav!

Romano Lav is a registered charity organisation (Charity No: SC 044474) challenging discrimination and promoting equality for the Roma people in Scotland. We were disgusted by the recent act of vandalism against our young people’s genocide memorial in Govanhill. 

However, we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of solidarity messages after our statement on this incident, both from local people and internationally. We would like to thank all of those who have responded or sent us uplifting messages. The reaction has been heart warming and has shown the strong support which exists for Govanhill's Roma communities.

There have been lots of requests to donate to restore the memorial. We are deeply grateful for this and are pleased to inform you that the original  memorial will be restored as we have kindly been offered support from BEMIS to do this. We will also be meeting with Glasgow City Council to discuss how the council may support this too. 

However, as we have been overwhelmed by requests to donate, we have set up this crowdfunder for those who wish to show solidarity with our local Roma communities by supporting our wider work. This will allow us to continue empowering Roma communities and resisting racism, as well as to create a more permanent memorial to remember all of those Roma who were murdered during the Holocaust.


Context: Our Roma Genocide Memorial

The Romani Rose Tree Memorial was planted by a group of young people from Romano Lav on August 2nd, 2019, to mark the Roma Genocide Memorial Day. It was planted along with a commemorative plaque, which they dedicated to “all of those Roma who were murdered during the Holocaust”. The memorial was placed in Govanhill as Govanhill is where the vast majority of Roma people in Scotland call home. The memorial is the first formal installation to remember the Roma genocide in Glasgow, and indeed the first in Scotland, as far as we can tell. 

However, in early November we were alerted by a local resident that our young people’s genocide memorial had been violently destroyed.

We were disgusted by this act of vandalism. Roma Genocide Memorial Day is about remembrance, but it is also about resistance. That this hateful act occurred at all underscores the need for this memorial. 

Romano Lav will restore the Holocaust memorial and will continue to honour the memory of those who lost their lives during the Holocaust, whilst fighting against the racism that marks our contemporary political moment, and that is a scourge on our society and communities.

Help to support the work of Romano Lav with Roma communities in Govanhill!

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