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by The Pickle House in London, England, United Kingdom


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We're looking to launch our latest collection of drinks to help sustain our small business whilst bringing some flavour to your summer ;)

by The Pickle House in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Everything we raise after £3,000 means we can increase the quantity and efficiency of our first batch of production and will be able to supply our Shrub Sodas to more customers across the UK. If we can reach £10,000 we'll even be able to begin to stock our Sodas into bars and restaurants as they begin to ease open again!! Help us get our Shrub Sodas into a premise near you!


2020 has been a strange year for us all, and it’s been no different here at The Pickle House. As a small company whose primary focus was the on trade, including top restaurants and bars in the UK, it’s fair to say we’ve seen a big change. Our income has been hit hard, and we need funding to help pivot our business and bring our drinks directly to you.

This year we had great plans to unveil the new drinks of the summer, The Pickle House Shrub Sodas: all natural and deliciously sparkling drinking vinegars, perfect by themselves or as a mixer. Unfortunately, COVID-19 came and stopped us in our tracks.

However, at The Pickle House we believe the show must go on!

We are looking for your support to help us launch our delicious new drinks and to help us sustain as a small business. Running from our founder's family farm, this funding will allow us to set-up production and a robust digital delivery system, so we can distribute our Shrub Sodas all over the UK. New drinks, new flavours, new markets. 

And for all of you who can support, we're offering exclusive rewards! Whether it be receiving the first ever batch of our Shrub Sodas, getting your hands on cracking Cocktail Kits or even getting invited to The Pickle House Party!



The Pickle House started in 2014 when our founder Florence, was in New York and had been told by some friends she had to try a Pickleback; a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. The whole concept seemed bonkers, but once she tried it she was hooked, and began to work on a recipe crafted specifically for cocktails and juices. After many months, we launched our first product: The Pickle House Original Pickle Juice.

With bartenders quickly getting onboard with our pickle juice, we began coming up with different alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails it could be used in. One everyone agreed on, was that it was the perfect addition to a Bloody Mary. And so came The Pickle House Spiced Tomato Mix.


It’s fair to say that with our three-person strong team, we are extremely proud of the delicious drinks we have been able to bring to life (not to mention our Great Taste awards and cocktail book!). However we don’t want the fun to stop here.



Now, we know what you’re thinking – what on earth is a Shrub Soda? Well, Shrub Sodas are the sweet to our savoury Pickle Juice.

More specifically, our Shrub Sodas are deliciously sparkling drinking vinegars. An all-natural blend of cold-pressed juices, organic apple cider vinegar, agave nectar and soda water. They can be drunk chilled straight from the can or poured over ice with a shot of gin or vodka to make the perfect cocktail all year round. They're vegan, low-calorie, great for the gut and promote a healthy immune system. We're looking to launch with three flavours each crafted by Florence herself:

  • Beetroot & Apple – Earthy beetroot meets sweet apple in this nutritious and mouth-watering blend.
  • Yuzu & Ginger – Spicy ginger is mixed with citrusy yuzu for the ultimate punchy refresher.
  • Raspberry & Mint – Sweet raspberry paired with the refreshing aroma of mint is what makes this shrub so unique.

Each of the final flavours have been taste-tested (and loved) by the team, with Florence making and delivering home-batches whilst we've all been in lockdown.



In return for helping us reach our funding target, we want to give back to our community and are offering some unmissable rewards for all budgets. From our Shrub Soda Taster Pack, to a Pickle House Party invite, all the way to becoming a fully-fledged Pickle House Patron. 

Here is our full list of rewards:


  • £25 - Shrub Soda Taster Pack. Be the first to taste our new Shrub Sodas, receiving 4 cans of each flavour. We're also throwing in our infamous tote bag #lifesbetterpickled
  • £50 - Pickle House Starter Pack. We'll reward you with the full Pickle House tasting experience. 12 cans of our brand new Shrub Sodas, 6 bottles of Spiced Tomato Mix and 1 bottle of our Original Pickle Juice, your weekends will be full of experimenting and cocktail making!
  • £55 - Shrub Soda Cocktail Kit. Not only do you get 8 cans of each flavour, you also get a bottle of our Original Pickle Juice and our very own cocktail book. Make dozens of delicious cocktails from the comfort of your own home, with a pickly twist.
  • £100 - Cocktail Masterclass. Learn from our founder and cocktail book creator, Florence, at a cocktail masterclass evening in London. With 2 tickets available for every backer, bring your pal and we’ll send you home with bespoke recipes, your own cocktail book and accompanying Pickle House drinks, and probably a bit drunk. We’d love to see you there!
  • £110 - Small Retail Package. Stock up your local shop, deli or foodie-spot with 120 cans of our brand new Shrub Sodas. With 40 cans of each flavour, we're sure your customers will love it!
  • £140 - Pickle House Party Tickets. You don’t want to miss it. It’s going to be the talk of the town, probably. Get your hands on 2 tickets to our Pickle House Party, in big-bad London town. You’ll be inundated with free cocktails, drinks and nibbles all night. Oh, and we’ll send you 8 cans of each flavour of our Shrub Sodas as a warmup.
  • £200 - A Day At The Farm. Brunch, cocktails and pigs. Sounds amazing, right? We’d love to have you at The Pickle House farm to enjoy a day exploring, eating and drinking. We’ll be sure to throw in a few surprises along the way, and send you home with 24 of our new Shrub Sodas.
  • £215 - Large Retail Package. Get your hands on 240 cans of our Shrub Sodas. We're offering an exclusive discount on this pledge, so don't miss out!
  • £1000 - Pickle House Patron. A pickler for life, you will be forever in our hearts. Not only will you get all of the above (minus the retail packages- sorry!), you will also be entitled to 25% off all purchases for your lifetime. We’ll also kit you up in exclusive Pickle House uniform, throwing in a little merch package too!



If we reach our goal, we will look to start production towards the end of July, allowing us to deliver your rewards by early August. In terms of our face-to-face rewards, we will be in contact with all backers to organise a date and time that suits – we look forward to meeting you all!


For reading this far! And a massive thank you to those of you who do support us. We hope you will enjoy our Shrub Sodas.

Florence and The Pickle House team

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