Support the Senior Citizens of the Community

Support the Senior Citizens of the Community

To improve the physical and mental well-being of senior citizens through activities & improve communication esp those who live on their own.

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On 31st Oct 2017 we successfully raised £1,000 of £1,000 target with 14 supporters in 57 days

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Thank you for supporting the FWA-UK Support the senior citizens of the community in London.  You are all amazing, we will keep on evolving so that we come up with practical activities for our Golden Girls / Guys.

The Filipino Women's Association - UK (FWA-UK) is a not for profit, charitable organisation that was formally founded and established by Mrs. Nene Quimson (wife of the late Ambassador Quimson to the UK) in 1988. The Association became a UK registered charity effective May 2012 with charity number, 1147454. Our main focus and vision is to provide support to vulnerable women and education to indigent children through scholarship in the Philippines and the UK.

INTRODUCTION / BACKGROUND:  The first generation of Filipino migrants to the United Kingdom arrived during the late 1960s and peaked in the 1970s. They were mostly economic migrants and were generally employed in the service industries namely, catering and hospitality, healthcare and domestic services. Their ages ranged from 18 - 30 years. This first generation are now senior citizens and most of them reside in London and the South East.

FWA-UK undertook a survey in 2015 of its members (& members of the London community )aged 60 years and over to find out the support that the Association could provide to them in their advancing years, particularly to those who live alone.

The following needs were identified.

• Leisure & Relaxing Facilities

• Support for Elderly living alone

• Social & Cultural Support

• An accessible way to find Information

• Affordable Housing suitable for Older People

This project is initiated for the following purposes:

- To improve the physical and mental well-being of senior citizens through activities that are suited to their interests and needs;

- To increase social communication opportunities of senior citizens with peers and other people, especially those who live alone.

GOAL: The provision of a number of regular and varied activities and social gatherings that engage the interest and participation of senior citizens.

The measures of success will be the following:

The comparison of number who participated in the activities;

Camaraderie that developed between senior citizens and younger members of the Association and elderly members of the community ;

Improved communication between all members.

WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM THE PROJECT? - The senior citizen members of FWA-UK and elderly members of the community will be the main beneficiaries of this project.

PROPOSED ACTIVITIES:  Based on the survey conducted, the following activities have been suggested:

Daily Walks around London Parks;

Yoga / Tai Chi / Skin Care Sessions; Dancercise (Exercise through Dancing)

Theatre shows / Cinemas;

Trips around England;

Afternoon Teas;

Cultural Day Out ;

IT Training Day.

FWA-UK First activity:  The FWA-UK launched its first activity with the senior citizens of the community in London, in the middle of winter on January 2016, the Support the Elderly members and friends walked around Regent's Park, London.  

Everyone toured the very popular Regent's Park, went around to check out the Philippine national hero, Dr Jose Rizal's apartment (where the ladies took advantage of another photo shoot in front of Dr Rizal's ex flat.

We were confidently toured by Dulia & Letty showing us where Jamie Oliver lives, and even bumped into the trendy hip Radio 1 dj / presenter Nick Grimshaw and obliged to have a photo with the ladies.  The ladies climbed up the Regent's Park hilltop...quite a challenge with the cold and the wind blowing in everyone's faces.

After the climb, everyone was invited by Dulia to her cosy apartment across the Park.  The ladies enjoyed a cuppa and Swiss breads donated by some ladies.  One hour passed and we carried on with the walk along Regent's Park.  That was a delightful day out with both the elderly and less elderly!

The FWA-UK team will carry on fundraising to show support and care to the elderly members of the community.   The Association's survey shows that the majority of the senior citizens that were interviewed are isolated in their own little world.

One of the FWA-UK's projects includes looking into improving the welfare of some of these senior citizens who seem to have been forgotten by either their friends, family and community.  We greatly appreciate any donation you can make to the FWA-UK; your donation will go a long way in assisting some of the more vulnerable members of our society.

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