Support the Education of Tibetan Buddhist Monks

by Julie Kelly in Karnataka

Support the Education of  Tibetan Buddhist Monks
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To help fund the education of young Tibetan Buddhist monks at Geden Jantse Monastery South India so they can achieve their goals in life.

by Julie Kelly in Karnataka

I'm crowdfunding to support young Tibetan Buddhist Monk students through their education so that they can have an equal chance of achieving their goals in life.  Many of the monks her have fled from oppression and persecution but despite everything, they want to  study hard.  Geshe Lama Abhay Tulku Rinpoche  is a  Dharma teacher and Tibetan Monk, renowned for his Buddhist teachings around Europe and the USA.  He is also head of the monastery, having  full responsibility for the student monks and their upkeep.  The monastery relies on donations and sponsorship to survive .  Could  You Help?

Let's make 'Support the Education of Tibetan Buddhist Monks' happen