Support the dream of a champion

Support the dream of a champion

Literally punching above her weight, Julia is aiming to retain her world title, competing against more mature and experienced opponents.

We did it!

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Last year my 15 year old daughter, Julia, became a Taekwondo world champion by winning a gold medal at the WKU World Championships in England. Through her hard work and determination she has again qualified for this years WKU World Championships in El Albir, Spain and she is aiming to retain her world title on foreign soil. Qualification to the WKU World Championships is not a simple matter and Julia trains 4-5 times a week at Master Wolf's Taekwondo academy, as well as regular training sessions with the WKU England team. Training often means travelling after school and returning home late in the evening. For weekend squad sessions if we are not able to give her a lift, Julia attends training using public transport, the round trip can take up to seven hours.

Being able to compete at the WKU World Championships has been dependent on success at qualifying tournaments; this year she has fought across the UK and in Germany. Despite the huge commitment Julia demonstrates to taekwando she is equally determined to be just as successful in her academic studies, she is currently working towards her GCSEs at The Simon Langton School for Girls. The school is as supportive as possible in allowing her to attend major competitions during term time.

Julia is a first degree black belt studying towards her second dan. As well as training and competing Julia teaches both juniors and seniors at the Academy.

Despite the resources required to compete at this level Julia is eager to continue to develop, it is worth pointing out that she competes in the Under 18 age category; this means on occasion she has had to overcome, much older, bigger and more experienced opponents. We are seeking funding support to ensure Julia can contine to progress; in the short term this means inviting contributions to fund the trip to the forthcoming WKU World Championships in Spain in October/November.

The money raised will go towards competition entry fees, travel and accomodation.

Therefore, any help would be greatly appreciated, every little counts!

About Julia:

Julia is an Explorer at the 16th Canterbury Scout Group, and holds the Chief Scout's Gold Award. She is working towards the DoE Bronze Award and has a keen interest in listening to and playing music. She has been training in taekwondo since the age of eight and has achieved multiple English, British, German and World titles.

After last years success at the World championships her heartfelt goal is to defend her title and suceed at winning other events at this year's competition 

Here are some of her previous Taekwondo achievements:

1 Gold medal at the WKU 2014 world championships

1 Silver medal at the Unified Taekwondo 2013 World Championships

1 Bronze medal at the Unified Taekwondo 2013 World Championships

1 Silver trophy at the German open 2014

7 Bronze medals at multiple MWTA British Championships

2 Silver medals at multiple MWTA British Championships

2 Gold medals at the UITf English open

2 Silver medals at the UITf English open

1 Bronze medal at the UITf English open

Many thanks for your interest in Julia's progress, contributions both big and small are welcome as are good wishes for her continued sucess.

Maggie (Julia's Mum)

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